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The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was held on September 3, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, Belknap Campus, Joseph Steffen presiding.


Senators Registering Attendance:

A&S: David Brown, Jennie Burnet, Carrie Donald, Jasmine Farrier, Karen Hadley, Greg Hutcheson, Ron Sahoo, Elaine Wise CoB: Ben Foster, Bruce Kemelgor, Robert Myers DENTISTRY: Don Demuth EDUCATION: Monica Delano, Patrick Hardesty, Caroline Sheffield, Tom Simmons KENT: Martin Hall, Wanda Lott Collins LAW: Kurt Metzmeier, Enid Trucios-Haynes LIBRARIES: Carrie Daniels, Terrie Holtze, Margo Smith MEDICINE: Yousef Abu-Kwaik, Forest Arnold, Eric Burton, Pamela Feldhoff, Luz Fernandez, Arun Gadre, Guomin Jiang, Jeffrey King, Chin Ng, David Stirling, Michael Tseng MUSIC: Dror Biran, Krista Wallace-Boaz NURSING: Valerie McCarthy, Karen Singleton PART-TIME FACULTY: Donna Gaus, Rose Mills, Susan Peacock, John Ritz PUBLIC HEALTH: Ray Austin, Scott LaJoie SPEED: Roger Bradshaw, Kyung  Kang, J.P. Mohsen, Kevin Walsh

Also Attending:

Ex Officio:            James Ramsey, Shirley Willihnganz, Allie Funk, Ginger Brown

Others:                 Tracy Eells, Melissa Laning, Bob Stenger, James O’Brien, Mary Romelfanger, Gretchen Henry, recording secretary

Press:                    Janet Cappiello, UofL Today


Senators Not Registering Attendance:

A&S: David Simpson, Beth Willey CoB: Robert Barker DENTISTRY: Ricardo Caicedo, Robert Staat, Dave Willis KENT: Seana Golder LAW: Luke Milligan MEDICINE: Saeed Jortani, Sham Kakar, Brad Keller, Rainer Lenhardt, Steven Myers NURSING: Heather Owens PART-TIME FACULTY: Joseph Gutmann, Michael Wade


CALL TO ORDER: – Steffen


New senators stood as they were recognized by Chair Steffen.


ACTION ITEM: Consideration of the Minutes - Steffen

The minutes of the July 2, 2014 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

INFORMATION ITEM: Chair’s Annual Report – Steffen

Outgoing Chair, Joseph Steffen, reported that 2013-2014 had been a very busy year. At the senate meetings we have: met the new deans from University Libraries, School of Medicine, and Public Health; received reports from the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality, the Faculty Senate Grievance Officer and the University Ombudsman, chairs of the Faculty Grievance Committee, and Athletics. The Senate approved programs: a PhD in Neuro Sciences; a joint program with UK for an Executive MBA; and a BS/BA in Public Health. The Executive Committee was also very busy last year, meeting 4 times with the President and Provost; voted to eliminate the Committee on Libraries; supported the Showcase of faculty Excellence in fall 2013; and, hosted the Fulbright representative’s campus visit for the Celebrate Faculty event touting UofL faculty with national or international Fulbright success. The challenges were many, as well:  VSIP and loss of colleagues; the continual struggle to remain a premier metropolitan research university without funding; and, the familiar search to do more with less. He urged the Senate to make sure faculty remain interested in the shared governance model, emphasizing the good relationship and partnership the faculty have with the president and provost. He thanked the Senate. He said it has been a labor of love that he has really enjoyed. He feels that all he has learned and all the people he has met have made him a better faculty member.


INFORMATION ITEM: Passing of the Gavel – Steffen

Chair Steffen then turned the Senate over to Senator Feldhoff.  She presented him with the traditional gavel.

INFORMATION ITEM: Incoming Chair’s Remarks – Feldhoff

Chair Feldhoff commented that the challenges continue with the 21st Century Initiative, the new academic building, and summer school, among others. She is intent on continuing the Celebration of Faculty accomplishments.


REPORT: Student Government Association – Allie Funk

Recently, a retreat for student government presidents from all ACC schools was held here at UofL. She is working n several fronts: researching the study abroad program; developing the L Trail- a safety walk that is lighted and monitored; and, getting dining hours extended.


REPORT: Staff Senate – Ginger Brown

The Staff Senate did not meet in August. Senators were placed on committees in July. The Staff Senate’s Annual retreat will be held on September 8th at the ShelbyHurst Campus.


ACTION ITEM: Election for Vacant Positions – Sahoo

Senator Sahoo announced that vacancies exist on the Planning & Budget Committee; as the SGA representative; and, on the Student Grievance Committee. Ballots were distributed.  Results will be read in the committee reports.


  • Planning & Budget Committee: 1 vacancy for a term ending in 2016

Nominees: J.P. Mohsen (Speed) and Thomas Simmons (Education). Vote for one.

  • Student Government Representative: I vacancy for a term ending in 2015

Nominees: Patrick Hardesty (Education) and Scott LaJoie (Public Health). Vote for one.

  • Student Grievance Committee: 3 vacancies for terms ending in 2017

Nominees: Lynn Boyd (CoB), Donna Gaus (PTFC), Karen Hadley (A&S). Vote for three.


ACTION ITEM: Election for ULAA Board Position – Feldhoff

Chair Feldhoff explained that there had been a tie for the third vacancy on this committee. The ballots were distributed and Chair Feldhoff read the biographical statements of the nominees.

After the votes were made, the ballots were collected to be tallied.


ACTION ITEM: Proposal for the Institute of Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging – Holtze

Senator Holtze reported that the Planning & Budget Committee had reviewed the proposal and recommends its approval. The proposal has been posted on the Senate’s web site and, Dr. James O’Brien, director of the Institute, was present to answer questions. He said the institute has been enthusiastically received and has an initial $2 million in funding that will last three years. He added the institute will not have an academic component. It is to be located in the Nucleus Building, which is also home to other aging-related businesses and agencies. The proposal passed unanimously.

ACTION ITEM: Second reading of the revised Libraries’ bylaws – Wallace-Boaz

The revision of the Libraries’ bylaws was just a language change regarding unit grievances There was no discussion and the revised bylaws passed unanimously.


REPORT: University Provost – Dr. Shirley Willihnganz

Provost Willihnganz thanked outgoing Chair Steffen for the work e did on behalf of the faculty. She went on to report that  discussed the large freshman class, saying that at more than 2,900, the record number of freshmen has had the university working hard to accommodate. She outlined goals for the year, which included: planning for the next SACS accreditation. Our next self-assessment report is due in 2 years. We’re early, but more rules have been added since the last time. She is seeking volunteers for this committee. She also needs a committee to work on the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan). The first one was so impressive, that it just needs to be expanded upon. These will be huge undertakings and take a lot of work of a lot of people; continuing to work on the 21st Century University initiatives, the Provost said that committee reports came in at the end of June, and she only had time to look at them before she presented then at the Board of Trustees meeting in July.  As we all know, we have been working on these areas: Finance; Culture; Students; and Academic Research. The STUDENT COMMITTEE had good ideas and recommendations from its subcommittees: IT – improve infrastructure and classrooms’ IT; the International Subcommittee- think globally; hire someone to lead these efforts; get more scholarships for study abroad; increase foreign faculty and students. The Engagement Committee – we must be engaged in the community to benefit from relationships; and, engage teaching and faculty in the community.  She has asked each dean to work with their faculty on ways to define and reward engagement for their units. The CULTURE COMMITTEE recommended a framework of meaning with themes: fair treatment across the board – no favoritism; equal dissemination of information; and, adequate compensation for effort. The ACADEMIC and RESEARCH PRIOROITIES COMMITTEE did not send in a report. This committee covered 5-6 big areas and tried to find a way to drill the concepts down into units and departments. The research groups looked at quantitative research, and found growth. She asked Deans to answer a few questions: What are the very best programs in your school? And, What areas in your unit are a good fit for collaboration?; What does the city/state/country/world need that your unit can provide?. These questions will be discussed this fall.  The FINANCIAL HEALTH COMMITTEE made recommendations to:  find a new budget model that will work for our specific needs; and, to develop service centers, as a means for tighter oversight of expenditures and address the vulnerabilities for fraud. These centers will be on both campuses. We may get a consultant to help us do this correctly. Provost Willihnganz said that there are many people discussing these service centers and the same message needs to be sent to avoid confusion. Asked about the status of the administrative searches, the Provost reported that both the Staff and Faculty senates will have an opportunity to weigh in on the CFO/COO and the Legal Strategist candidates.  She is also working on improving undergraduate graduation rates; addressing sexual violence on campus; making changes to summer school; and, addressing the gap between UofL salaries and comparable market salaries.


REPORT: University President – Dr. James Ramsey

President Ramsey reported that with the slow revenue growth, there is a possibility that the state could impose a mid-year budget cut. As of June 30th, the state had a $90 million shortfall. The CPE is still working on a funding model for higher education. He reported that the pool of candidates for the CFO/COO position was good, but not deep. There are 4 strong candidates for the Legal Strategist position. Both Senates will have input in the selection process. At the July Board of Trustees meeting, the accomplishments for last year were reviewed, The Board now want to get in on goal setting. When the Board meets next week, we will go over the draft goals and adopt them at the October meeting. Asked about crime on campus, Dr. Ramsey noted that it is important for everyone to be cautious. He also said that those on the HSC Campus who were the victims of this summer’s crimes had been parking in neighboring areas rather than using the university’s parking facilities.


REPORT: Standing Committee Reports

Academic Programs Committee (APC) – This committee has not met yet this semester.

Committee on Committees and Credentials (CCC) – This committee coordinated and conducted the election above. SPECIAL ELECTION RESULTS:  P&B - J.P. Mohsen;  SGA – Both will share the seat; SGC – All.

Part-time Faculty Committee (PTFC) - This committee did not meet.

Planning & Budget Committee (P&B) - This report was online. The committee reviewed the proposal for the Institute of Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging.

Redbook & Bylaws Committee (RB) –This report was online.

Executive Committee (XC) - This report was available online.


Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) – This report was available online.

New Business

  • Chair Feldhoff requested that anyone interested in serving on the SACS Accreditation Committee to contact her.
  • Chair Feldhoff asked for a volunteer for Faculty Senate Parliamentarian.

Old Business

An open forum will be held on August 26th at the School of Medicine to discuss the action plan for the LCME’s site visit in 2015.



Chair Feldhoff reminded senators that the State of the University address is on September 17th at 2 p.m.

There are several events of interest that same week. On September 16th through the 18th, Research Louisville will take place on HSC with symposiums and posters.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 P.M.





Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Stein Henry

Faculty Senate Secretary