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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

July 2, 2014


The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was held on July 2, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, Belknap Campus, with Joseph Steffen presiding.


Senators Registering Attendance:

A&S: Annette Allen, David Brown, Jasmine Farrier, David Simpson, Joseph Steffen, Beth Willey, Elaine Wise CoB: Robert Barker, Robert Myers DENTISTRY: Robert Staat; EDUCATION: Patrick Hardesty, Thomas Simmons; KENT: Martin Hall; LIBRARIES: Carrie Daniels, Terri Holtze, Margo Smith; MEDICINE: Forest Arnold, Pamela Feldhoff, Sham Kakar; NURSING: Karen Singleton; PART-TIME FACULTY: Donna Gaus, Joe Gutmann, Michael Wade;  PUBLIC HEALTH: Raymond Austin, Scott LaJoie; SPEED: Roger Bradshaw, J.P. Mohsen, Kevin Walsh


Also Attending:

Ex Officio:            James Ramsey, Shirley Willihnganz, Ginger Brown, Allie Funk,

Others:                 Monali Haldankar, Mary Makris, Gretchen Henry, recording secretary

Press:                    Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)


Senators Not Registering Attendance:

A&S: Carrie Donald, Ron Sahoo CoB: Ben Foster, Bruce Kemelgor DENTISTRY: Ricardo Caicedo, Donald Demuth, Dave Willis KENT: Seana Golder, Wanda Lott Collins LAW: Kurt Metzmeier, Luke Milligan, Enid Trucios-Haynes MEDICINE: Yousef Abu-Kwaik, Saeed Jortani, Brad Keller, Steven Myers, David Stirling MUSIC: Dror Biran, Krista Wallace-Boaz NURSING: Valerie McCarthy PART-TIME FACULTY: Rose Mills, Susan Peacock, John Ritz


CALL TO ORDER: – Steffen

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the meeting minutes from May 7, 2014 and June 4, 2014 were unanimously approved as distributed.


ACTION ITEM: Second Reading – Library Bylaws Revision – Wallace-Boaz

The second reading of the Libraries bylaws revision was tabled until the September meeting.


ACTION ITEM: Proposed Faculty Senate Meeting Calendar 2014-2015 – Feldhoff

The Senate usually meets on the second Wednesday in January, but Vice Chair Feldhoff proposed meeting on the first Wednesday, as classes start that day and all faculty should be available to attend.  The proposed calendar was unanimously approved.


REPORT: Staff Senate – Ginger Brown

The Staff Senate met on June 9th and the annual officer elections were held. Angela Lewis-Klein was reelected Chair, Will Armstrong was elected Vice Chair and Gary Southard was elected as Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Committee reviewed year-end committee reports. The senate meets again on July 14th.


REPORT: Student Government Association – Allie Funk

The three branches of student government, the student Government Association, the Student Activities Board and the Engaged Leadership Council, attended a weekend retreat and collaborated on the 6 overarching goals for the new academic year.


REPORT: University Provost – Dr. Shirley Willihnganz

Provost Willihnganz reported that, though it has been a financially difficult year, the University continues to move forward. Joining the ACC will be a great move for us academically. The academic benefits of membership in this conference include a Provost’s Meeting; and, meetings with other CFOs, Student Affairs and Undergraduate Affairs. This will benefit all students, not only the student-athletes. Turning to the 21st Century Initiatives Report, the Provost reported that she received a report this afternoon, though, not the full report as expected.  She gave a brief update of what each committee has worked on so far:

  • The Student Committee has done a great job identifying things that will help future students.
  • The Technology Committee reported the need for an overall IT vision; need a high tech infrastructure to facilitate important research collaboration; addressed the imbalance in IT; the existing classroom technology is inefficient; the need for a 24/7 online learning environment for students its support.
  • The Engagement Committee advises more global engagement. How does this look to each college/school? What is an engaged curriculum? How is it evaluated? This is an idea we cannot ignore.
  • The Global/International Committee recommends we create an institute/space that focuses on global collaborations and opportunities. It will offer better support for study abroad and foreign students.  It will require a director to manage these programs.
  • The Culture Committee – This report said that culture is deeper than just being nice to each other. It should include trust, morale, salary issues, and more. 
  • The Budget Committee interviewed other schools and found there is no one answer to everyone’s budget issues; developed a set of principles to follow as we work on finding a new budget model; said the base budget needs to be rock solid; suggested each college should negotiate its goals and be rewarded for achievements; unit performance should be tied to tuition-share; suggested a pool for innovation and incubation.

As soon as she is finished reading all the documents, they will be sent to the Steering Committee and out to the campus this fall.  The Board of Trustees meets next week and will have these reports, but no decision s will be made. Regarding the issue of fraud, the Provost said that the consultants advised that a better system of control was needed to protect ourselves and prevent as much as possible.  The Service Center idea is moving forward. There will be 12 to 20 of these to consolidate, but each unit/department will have its own contact. There will be oversight on everyone and they will all operate the same way. Each center will have multiple people working together, instead of just 1, as before. More people will know how to do more than before. A pilot of the Service Centers is starting in Business Affairs, the Provost’s Office and in the Speed School. This will help to work out any kinks in the plan. Through this, people have been moved to other jobs, not losing jobs. A lot of work has been done on our systems, already. Deans now must sign off on monthly financial reconciliations. We now have the improved technology to facilitate this change. Asked about the challenge of increasing the number PhDs to be more in line with other ACC schools, the Provost said that this is the most expensive idea they are considering. It will cost approximately $23 million to get there. She is looking at how this can be done.


REPORT: University President – Dr. James Ramsey

President Ramsey reported today that he met with the Board of Trustees Compensation Committee and reminded them of the 2020 Plan goals and strategies. He told them that the evaluation of the Administration included both the team and individual goals. The annual metrics from the 2020 Plan rate each accomplishment on a scale of GOOD-BETTER-BEST. The Compensation Committee will make a full report to the Board of Trustees at its July meeting in Paducah. Of the 12 goals set by the Board of Trustees, 7 were BEST, 2 were GOOD, and 3 were DNA (Did Not Achieve). Dr. Ramsey went over several slides and suggested that the 2020 Plan needs to be incorporated into the 21st Century Initiatives. Asked about the Diversity Goals, President Ramsey said that the federal government mandated a diversity plan that focused on African/Americans. Our plan was good and we were approved by the government. We want to broaden our plan to include others.


INFORMATION ITEM: Academics and the ACC – Wise

Senator Wise introduced Marvin Mitchell, Christine Herring and Christine Simitacolos to speak today about the advantages of membership in the ACC. Marvin Mitchell is an Associate Athletic Director and has been at UofL for 14 years. He thanked the senators for working with the student athletes.  He said that student progress reports are especially helpful in keeping up with students course work. Christine Herring works with Senator Elaine Wise and the ACC. She reported that the ACC has been very welcoming and the money that comes to us, as a member of the ACC, will help students tremendously. Christine Simitacolos works with student athletes in leadership and service. Over the past year, the ACC allowed them to participate in a leadership conference with other ACC schools. Our student athletes have also been able to participate in an ACC program, “Coach for College”, that sends students to Viet Nam to teach. We had 3 students attend in 2013 and 4 in 2014. One, of the many opportunities available to our student athletes, is Futures Internships, for those interested in pursuing a career in athletics or television. Senator Wise reported that the ACC’s mission statement mentions academics and that the 444 Committee (4 ACC university presidents, 4 university ADs, and 4 university FARs) decided to accept UofL into the conference.


REPORT: Standing Committee Reports

Academic Programs Committee (APC) – No report was made.

Committee on Committees and Credentials (CCC) –No report was made.

Part-time Faculty Committee (PTFC) – No report was made.

Planning & Budget Committee (P&B) – No report was made.

Redbook & Bylaws Committee (RB) – No report was made.

Executive Committee (XC) - This report was available online.



Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) – This report was online

Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) – This report was online


REPORT: Faculty Senate Chair – Steffen

Chair Steffen reported that the new web site “Celebrated Faculty”, that showcases faculty accomplishments, is live and linked on the Provost’s web site.  He also noted that the faculty in Justice Administration had approved the unit’s name change to Department of Criminal Justice He is soliciting names for the Summer School Planning Committee and the new classroom building design committee.  Also, there is a need for a faculty senator to serve as a representative to the Student Government Association this coming academic year.  A special election will be held at the September meeting to fill these vacancies.

New Business


Old Business



The next meeting is on September 3, 2014 at 3 p.m. in the Chao Auditorium.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.





Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Stein Henry

Faculty Senate Secretary