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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2014


The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was held on June 4, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. in the Dental School, Room 131, HSC Campus, Joseph Steffen presiding.


Senators Registering Attendance:

A&S: David Brown, Joe Steffen, Beth Willey Dentistry: Ricardo Caicedo, Don Demuth Education: Patrick Hardesty, Kent: Martin Hall Law: Enid Trucios-Haynes Medicine: Richard Downs, David Stirling Music: Krista Wallace-Boaz Nursing: Valerie McCarthy Part-time Faculty: Joseph Gutmann Public Health: Ray Austin, Scott LaJoie


Also Attending:

Ex Officio:            Ginger Brown, Allie Funk

Others:                 Eric Burton, Greg Hutcheson, Kyang Kang,  Gretchen Henry, recording secretary

Press:                    Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)


Senators Not Registering Attendance:

A&S: Annette Allen, Carrie Donald, Jasmine Farrier, John McLeod Ron Sahoo, David Simpson, Elaine Wise, Tamara Yohannes CoB: Rob Barker, Ben Foster, Bruce Kemelgor, Robert Myers  Dentistry: Robert Staat, Dave Willis Education: Robert Pennington, Daya Sandhu, Tom Simmons Kent: Seana Golder, Wanda Lott Collins LAW: Kurt Metzmeier, Luke Milligan Libraries: Terri Holtze, Margo Smith, Gail Gilbert Medicine: Yousef Abu Kwaik, Forest Arnold, Pamela Feldhoff, Sham Kakar, Brad Keller, Ted Feldmann, Saeed Jortani, Nobuyuki Kuwabara, Steven Myers Music: Ansyn Banks, Dror Biran Nursing: Diane Chlebowy, Karen Singleton Part-time Faculty: Donna Gaus, Rose Mills, Susan Peacock, John Ritz, Michael Wade Speed: Bruce Alphenaar, Roger Bradshaw, J.P. Mohsen, Kevin Walsh


CALL TO ORDER: – Steffen

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the meeting minutes from May 7, 2014 was delayed until July as a quorum was not present.


INFORMATION ITEM: First Reading – Library Bylaws Revision – Wallace-Boaz

The revisions to the Libraries bylaws were given a first reading today. Changes made were to delete Article 8 regarding the unit grievance committee and to define the role of the personnel committee.  A vote on the changes will take place at the July meeting.


REPORT: Staff Senate – Ginger Brown

The Staff Senate’s Policy, Economics and Development (PED) Committee has been working on a salary administration recommendation for the future that includes both COLA and merit. It will be voted on at the June 9th meeting. At that meeting, elections for officers will also take place. In the running for chair are Angela Lewis-Klein and Susan Jenkins. Vice chair is a lone candidate, Will Armstrong. Candidates for secretary-treasurer are Martyna Warren and Gary Southard.


REPORT: Student Government Association – Allie Funk

The SGA’s Top 4 officers met with the university vice presidents and will create a list of goals for the coming academic year. Allie will present these goals at the July meeting.


REPORT: Standing Committee Reports

Academic Programs Committee (APC) – No report was made.

Committee on Committees and Credentials (CCC) –A few vacancies remain. The committee is working to have an election at the July meeting.

Part-time Faculty Committee (PTFC) – No report was made.

Planning & Budget Committee (P&B) – This committee did not meet.

Redbook & Bylaws Committee (RB) – This report was online. Revisions to A&S and Music documents are coming soon.

Executive Committee (XC) - This report was available online.


REPORT: Faculty Senate Chair – Steffen

Chair Steffen reported that the Board of Trustees meeting for June was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. The Board’s annual retreat in July will be held in Paducah. The annual charity giving program (Metro United Way, etc.) has been rebranded as Cards All In.  Unlike the previous version that took place in October/November, this will run all year. Keith Inman and his team will roll out the new program in late June or early July. At the July Senate meeting, Provost Willihnganz will report on the 21st Century Initiative report she will make to the Board of Trustees later in the month.  Representatives form Athletics will also attend July’s meeting to discuss our academic connections within the Atlantic Coast Conference, among other things.  A brief discussion on summer school touched on several issues including: improving the pay scale; better marketing to students; the possibility of trimesters; and, earlier planning.


New Business


Old Business



The next meeting is on July 2, 2014 at 3 p.m. in the Chao Auditorium.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 P.M.





Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Stein Henry

Faculty Senate Secretary