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Redbook and Bylaws Committee


  1. Responsibilities and Functions
    1. To advise the Faculty Senate and its committees on matters concerning The Redbook.
    2. To recommend changes in The Redbook to the Faculty Senate, including changes, which will keep The Redbook internally consistent with current administrative structures.
    3. To examine all merit, appointment, promotion and tenure documents and unit bylaws to ensure consistency with the Minimum Guidelines Documents.
    4. To study all Minimum Guidelines Documents and to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate concerning the same.
    5. To review regularly and to recommend changes to the Faculty Senate Bylaws as to their currency, internal consistency and consistency with The Redbook.
  2. Membership
    There shall be seven voting members; five elected by the Faculty Senate (at least four of whom must be faculty senators), and two appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  3. Term of Office
    Members shall serve staggered three-year terms.


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