Research Team

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Advisor: Craig A. Grapperhaus


Group Alumni

Ph.D. Students

Dr. Steve Cronin (2020) The Utilization of Metal-Ligand Cooperativity for Electrocatalytic Reduction and Catalytic Hydration

Dr. Nina Saraei (2020) Water cluster motifs in structurally similar N-(2-aminoethyl)-1-methylimidazole-2-carboxamide metal complexes: synthesis, characterization, thermal and electrical properties

Dr. Nicholas Vishnosky (2019) Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of metal complexes for selective targeting and anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells and their hydrogen evolution catalytic properties 

Dr. Rahul Jain (2017) Evaluating ligand assisted activation of small molecules through proton reduction and alcohol oxidation current position

Dr. Wuyu Zhang (2017) Heterogenization of Complexes with Redox Active Ligands For Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 

Dr. Andrew Haddad (2017) Homogeneous Ligand-Centered Hydrogen Evolution and Hydrogen Oxidation: Exploiting Redox Non-Innocence to Drive Catalysis (John Richard Binford Memorial Award, George R. Pack Dissertation Award)

Dr. Davinder Kumar (2015) Sulfur-oxidation enhances nitrile hydration in bioinspired ruthenium complexes : catalytic, kinetic, and DFT investigations.

Dr. Rajat Chauhan (2014) Ligand centered reactivity of metal stabilized thiyl radicals in solution, solid and gaseous phase. 

Dr. Kagna Ouch Sampson (2012) Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation/Cleavage Reactions of Metal-Stabilized Thiyl Radicals by Electrochemical and Chemical Methods 

Dr. Cesar A. Masitas (2012) Sulfur Oxygenation of Ruthenium-Dithiolate Nitrile Hydratase Mimic Enhances Ligand Lability and Hydrolysis Activity

Dr. Martin G. O'Toole (2008) Reactivity of iron- and nickel-dithiolate model complexes of nitrile hydratase

Dr. Christopher S. Mullins (2006) Modeling Metalloenzyme Function Via Spectroscopic and Computational Methods: Nickel and Zinc Metallothiolate Reactivity

Dr. Selma Poturovic (2005) Electrochemical Investigations of a Ruthenium Thiolate System: Generation of a Metal-Coordinated Thiyl Radical and its Reactivity in C-S Bond Formation


M.S. Students (Thesis Option)

Kagna Ouch (2008) Redox-regulated ethylene binding to a rhenium-thiolate complex

Kiran Venna (2007) Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation via Alkene Addition to an Oxidized Ruthenium-Thiolate

Majda Kreso (2006) Ligand-Centered Alkylation of Nickel- and Iron-AminothiolatesPost-doctoral

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Oleksandr Hietsoi (2017-2019)

Dr. Jinlan Cui (2008-2012)

Dr. Ming Li (2001-2002)

Dr. Apurba Patra (2000-2001)


Matthew Turner (2019 - 2020) 
Aidan Greene
(2019 - 2020)
Alison Costello (2019)
Anna Davis (2016-19)
Bruce Spigelmyer (2018-19)
Zofia Hetman 
Alan Weihe 
Jason Wilson
Cheyenne Conn (2016)
Tony Gibson (2015)
Chelsea Rennirt (2014)
Maryam Khan (2014)
Ashley Farnkopf (2013)
Ben Stephens (2013)
Anna Matzner-Felkner (2012-13)
Tho Nguyen-Tran (2012-13)
Conor Young (2012)
Suraj Kannan (2011-12)
Joseph Tong (2011-12)
Douglas Banda (2011-12)
Aaron Tyagi (2011)
Christian Kasey (2010-11)
Mark Sprowl (2010-11)
Lisa Kenney (2010-11)
Donald Herdt (2010-11)
Matt Texter (2010)
Jessica Newman (2009)
Samantha Pavey (2009)
Itoro Okpokho (2009)
Victoria D'Angelo (2009)
Tracy McKnight (2009)
Stephanie Bebout (2009)
Stefen Bright (2008)
Andrew Barnes (2007)
Komeneci Yates (2005)
Mindy Holley (SROP – 2005)
Bertha Coleman (2005)
Danielle Kimmel (SCAI -  2004)
Angela Phillips (SROP - 2004)
Benjamin Risner (2004)
Jason Wiles (SROP - 2002-03)
Majda Kreso (2002-03)
Holly Miller (2002-03)
Ryan Denton (IMD3 Fellowship 2002)
Ben Hahn (2002)
Elaine Miller (2001)
Julianna Roddy (SROP - 2001)
Gretchen Burkhardt (2000-01)
Jessica Taylor (2000)