Research Interests

The Grapperhaus Research Group is an interdisciplinary group focused on the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of metal complexes for applications in the catalysis, renewable energy, and metal-containing therapeutics. The general focus of the group is Inorganic Chemistry, but the group also includes researchers with interests in Organic Synthesis, Computation, Biochemistry, and Engineering. The group collaborates closely with colleagues in the Department of Chemistry, the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, and the Medical School. There are several projects ongoing in the group; some current projects include:

Metal-Ligand Cooperativity for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

Roll-to-roll Manufacturing of Continuous Perovskite Modules

Electrochemical Reduction of Flue Gas CO2

Interested in joining the group?

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to e-mail Prof. Grapperhaus about upcoming openings for Graduate Teaching Assistants, Fellowships, and Graduate Research Assistants. All applications are evaluated by the Department Graduate Admissions Committee, which begins reviewing full applications for Fall Semester in January.  

Current undergraduates should e-mail Prof. Grapperhaus about Undergraduate Research Opportunities. It is recommended to do this the before semester registration begins. 

Post-doctoral openings will be posted on the Grapperhaus Research Group main page when available.

Ph.D. Family Tree

A. L. Lavoisier

C. L. Berthollet Paris, 1778

J. L. Gay-Lussac Paris, 1800

J. V. Liebig Erlangen, 1822

C. Schmidt Giessen, 1844

W. Ostwald Dorpat, 1875

A. A. Noyes Leipzig, 1890

R. G. Dickinson Cal Tech, 1920

L. C. Pauling Cal Tech, 1925

M. J. Rogers Cal Tech, 1941

T. L. Brown Michigan State University, 1956

M. Y. Darensbourg University of Illinois, 1967

C. A. Grapperhaus Texas A&M University, 1998