Student Health Ambassadors

Student Health Ambassadors

Student Health Ambassadors at UofL are a network of students who are building a culture of health on campus and beyond learning and sharing how to make decisions through a lens of health.


Student Health Ambassadors are undergraduate students from across the University of Louisville who are passionate about improving their community’s health, sustainably developing cities, and finding unique ways to collaborate between University departments.These ambassadors plan to take on health problems here in Louisville by learning, meditating, and implementing solutions. The students will be led by Dr. Ted Smith and Lauren Anderson from the Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil, a part of the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the School of Medicine. Dennis Mashindi, third-year undergraduate student, is the President and Project Leader for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years.  The Center curates activities for the students to get to know each other and the Louisville community. Programming plans include adventure tourism to Louisville Metro Council, Lee’s Lane Superfund Site, Green Heart Project area, and the Envirome Institute’s laboratories. 

Student- Led Projects 

The Center supports student-led efforts to create a health in all policies approach to campus life:

  • Intersectional Food Policy: Dillon Hyden is researching policy that considers the multiple dimensions of our current food system in Louisville that would synthesise the intersection of nutrition, climate change, sustainability, and access with hydroponic urban farming.
  • Urban Food Production: Ben Barberie and Madeline McCloud are researching how large enterprises can develop methods to grow food in urban settings to increase local access and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Thrivals: Students help to organize the event where speakers such as Hannah Drake, lead artist of Project HEAL, share their thoughts with over 630 guests, which are primarily upper high school and college students

How to Become an Ambassador

Nominations are open to any University of Louisville Student. New classes are accepted each fall term. If you're interested in learning more, !

In your email, please include;

  • Full Name
  • Major/Minor
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Why should you be honored as an Ambassador for Health in All Policies?
  • What improvements do you wish to see in the campus community to embody the Health in All Policies movement?
  • Attachments: Resume and  any related work samples

2020 Student Health Ambassador Profiles

Coming Soon! 


2018-2019 Student Health Ambassadors

In 2018, the Center welcomed 20 undergraduate students to the network of over 60 professional Health Ambassadors. The students ranged from freshen to junior years and hailed from a variety of Departments; Pre-Medicine and Biology to Sustainability to Fine Arts. All eight forms of health were represented in this class and each student had a unique reason and purpose for joining the UofL Student Health Ambassador network.