Ambassador Directory

Ambassador Directory

In 2020, we will welcome two Ambassador Classes; one comprised of University of Louisville students and the other of Junior Achievement BizTown students!

Each year the Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil welcomes a new class Health Ambassadors to our network. Since joining the University of Louisville in 2018, the Center has focused on giving UofL students opportunities to learn about Louisville, meet the people who make up the city's social fabric, and see first-hand how they can make their communities and networks healthier.  

In a 2019 partnership, the Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil and Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana have created a new job within JA's Sam Swope BizTown!  For the first time, the BizTown simulation will feature a Community Health Researcher job! Just like our team of researchers at the University of Louisville, this Community Health Researcher will observe the other citizens of BizTown, conduct research through a survey about health, and present their research findings. 

University of Louisville Students

Student Health Ambassadors are undergraduate students from across the University of Louisville who are passionate about improving their community’s health, sustainably developing cities, and finding unique ways to collaborate between University departments.Student Health Ambassadors plan to take on health problems here in Louisville by learning, meditating, and implementing solutions. Nominations are open to any University of Louisville Student. If you're interested in learning more, 

2018-2019 Student Health Ambassadors

In 2018, the Center welcomed 20 undergraduate students to the network of over 60 professional Health Ambassadors. The students ranged from freshen to junior years and hailed from a variety of Departments; Pre-Medicine and Biology to Sustainability to Fine Arts. All eight forms of health were represented in this class and each student had a unique reason and purpose for joining the UofL Student Health Ambassador network.

2016-18 Professional Health Ambassadors

In 2016 and 2017 we welcomed two classes of Professional Health Ambassadors. These individuals bring a lens of multidimensional health to their professional field and helped others to understand the interconnections between the 8 forms of health represented on the Circle of Health and Harmony.