Student Success

The University of Louisville’s Student Success Coordinators are a resource for students that need extra assistance navigating their college experience, overcoming obstacles and completing the path to graduation. We work collaboratively with faculty, advisors and other student services staff to provide guidance and support to students that are experiencing academic, financial or personal difficulties. If there are issues, big or small, impeding a student’s progress toward attaining his or her college degree, we are here to help.  

No judgement, no hurdles to jump—just kind and supportive people that are willing to do everything they can to solve problems and make sure a degree is within reach.  We provide personalized attention to help students explore and discover who they want to be and to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to be successful at UofL and beyond.

Your Student Success Coordinators

  • Josie Raymond

    Josie Raymond

    (502) 852-4057 | email Josie

    Office: Student Success Center 202-H (Belknap Academic Building)

    Josie has been a journalist, middle school teacher, non-profit manager, and entrepreneurship coach.  She’s passionate about creating educational and economic opportunities, particularly for people in poverty. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in journalism, both from Columbia University, and a master’s degree in teaching from Marian University.

  • 400x200

    Greg Vittitow

    (502) 852-5813 | email Greg

    Office: Student Success Center 202-J (Belknap Academic Building)

    Greg started at UofL in 2005 and has helped thousands of students at all stages of their academic career meet their goals. He is passionate about guiding students toward a better understanding of who they are and where they want to be. He strives for each student to leave his office with an action plan and the confidence and inspiration to put it in motion.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

(502) 852-6089 | email Tony

Office: Student Success Center 202-P (Belknap Academic Building)

Tony has worked at UofL since 1998 and has focused on academic counseling, mentoring, and guidance. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Higher Education Administration, and in December 2018 will have a Master’s of Science in Social Work. Tony likes to read for fun when he’s not busy with class, he is an avid video gamer, and enjoys running and working around the house.

When should I reach out for help?

Contact us when:

  • You’re worried about paying a bill
  • You want to make a sustainable financial plan
  • You struggle with academic habits
  • Personal issues affect your grades
  • You're unsure about your major
  • You're not sure how to get more involved on campus
  • You’re struggling to balance work and school
  • There’s a hold on your student account
  • You’re not sure if college is for you anymore
  • You’re frustrated about the registration process
  • You need help thinking through housing options
  • You're thinking about leaving UofL
  • You have problems and are just not sure where to turn

We are here to help and will always do what’s in your best interest. We’ll listen without judgment, help you through the rough patches, and come up with a plan to help you explore, discover and become the person you want to be.

Still not sure if you should contact a Student Success Coordinator?
Here are just a few examples of ways we’ve been able to help our students:

  • After her car was vandalized, “Jane” had to spend money she’d saved for tuition on repairs.  Our coordinators were able to secure a small grant to cover the tuition bill so Jane could stay in school without interruption.
  • “Pete” had several health issues and failed all his classes one semester.  We helped him file a petition for late withdrawal to have those F grades changed to Ws, which improved Pete’s GPA and made him eligible to receive financial aid again. 
  • “Jeffrey” had a learning disability but managed to pass his lower-level classes.  As he advanced in his college career, Jeffrey began to struggle with his coursework. We introduced him to a case manager at the Disability Resource Center and provided information on clinics that could provide the documentation Jeffrey needed to get accommodations from his professors.


Have your students been frustrated about money, GPAs, registration or something else you felt you weren’t able to help with? Please refer or introduce those students to us for issues big and small. Think of the Student Success Coordinators as a combination of academic advisor, financial aid advisor, student affairs guide and confidant.

Refer students to us when:

  • They’re worried about paying a bill
  • They want to make a sustainable financial plan
  • They struggle with academic habits
  • Personal issues are affecting a student’s grades
  • A student is unsure about his or her major
  • They’re not sure how to get more involved on campus
  • They’re having a tough time balancing work and school
  • There’s a hold on the student’s account
  • A student expresses doubts as to whether college is for him or her
  • They’re frustrated about the registration process
  • A student needs help thinking through housing options
  • They’re thinking about leaving UofL
  • A student has problems and is just not sure where to turn