Conference Room 160A

Checking the Room's Availability:

You can view the calendar for Houchens160A (all one word) in Outlook. Everyone should have proxy access to this. If you are unable to open the calendar for Houchens160A please contact Stephanie at 852-6528.

Scheduling a Meeting:

After checking the room's availability, you will send an appointment to Houchens160A through Outlook for the preferred date and time of your meeting or training session. Please indicate a subject for your meeting, so that it is clear on the master calendar for 160A. Immediately, you will receive an automated response either accepting or declining your meeting request. Oftentimes the conference room is booked with adjacent appointments scheduled to begin as soon as your meeting ends. Please be considerate and end your meeting at the scheduled time so that the next group may begin on time. Thank you.

Note: If you are scheduling a meeting using the recurrence feature in Outlook and even one date has a conflict (conference room already booked) Houchens160A will decline all of your meeting requests.

Using the Projector and Screen:

Log on to the computer with your user id and password. If you have any problems, your Tier One staff can help you. Turn the projector on using the “Power” button on the remote control. Before lowering the screen please ensure that the area is clear of obstructions. Lower the screen by pressing the “Down” button once (the control box is on the wall to the left of the screen). When you are finished with the room, simply press the “Up” button once and turn off the projector. As the scheduler of the meeting it is your responsibility to ensure that the screen is up and that the projector is turned off.

Speaker Phone:

There is a speaker phone housed permanently in Houchens 160A. If you are setting up a conference call, the number for this phone is 852-3229.

Dry Erase Boards:

Two dry erase boards with markers are provided for your use. After your meeting, please erase the boards with the erasers that are provided.

Food and Drink:

Food and drink may be brought into the conference room as long the following are observed: All food, drink, and trash must be removed from the conference room and disposed of in the dumpster located on the loading dock of the Houchens building. The tables should be cleaned after the food, drink, and trash are removed. As the scheduler of the meeting it is your responsibility to ensure that this is done.

Tables and Chairs:

Please be careful with the chairs and tables, as the main contact areas are wood. They will damage easily. Please make sure that all chairs are completely lowered before they are pushed against the tables upon leaving the room. Please ensure that when you leave the conference room that the chairs are pushed in and straightened. If you move the tables and chairs it is your responsibility to put them back in their proper place.

Other Meeting Spaces:

Should Houchens160A be booked you may check with Registrar's Office, School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies, and Ekstrom Library for meeting spaces. For small meetings you may also check with the Office of Admissions.