30 English faculty and staff recognized as Student Champions

30 English faculty and staff recognized as Student Champions

2021 Student Champions

UofL students recognized 30 English faculty and staff members as “Student Champions” this year. At the invitation of Lori Stewart Gonzalez, the executive vice president and university provost, more than 1,100 students identified faculty and staff members who went above and beyond for them during this unprecedented year. 

Students named 30 members of the English department as “Student Champions,” more than any department in the College of Arts & Sciences. The recipients include full-time and part-time faculty members, graduate student instructors, staff members, and Writing Center consultants. For Karen Chandler, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, this reflects the English department's commitment to their students' success and overall well-being: "This number of Student Champions demonstrates how the English department's administrators, staff, and instructors are concerned not only about students' academic achievement but also their health and safety. We want our students to succeed in many different ways."

Following this inaugural edition, the Student Champions initiative will be held annually. Provost Gonzalez and President Bendapudi recognized the recipients and the leaders of their respective units by email and with a certificate honoring their commitment to student success. Provost Gonzalez: “We have so many employees who are dedicated to creating meaningful educational experiences for you. Many have really gone above and beyond expectations to provide support to you as you navigated this very difficult year. I want to bring attention to these individuals on our campus who have been steadfast in their support when it was most needed. As provost, it is important for me to know who on our campus has provided critical support to help you succeed.”

The following faculty and staff members from the English department and the Writing center were recognized as “Student Champions” in 2021:

David Anderson | Charlotte Asmuth | S. Matthew Biberman | Cassandra Book | Karen Chandler | Edward English | Joseph Franklin | Paul Griner | Bruce Horner | Ayaat Ismail | Timothy Johnson | Frank Kelderman | Karen Kopelson | Mark Mattes | Frances McDonald | Robin Mozer | Andrea Olinger | Megan Poole | Timothy Roberts | Mary P. Sheridan | Steven Smith | Hristomir Stanev | Ian Stansel | Sarah Strickley | Kayla Sweeney | Joseph Turner | Paula Von Loewenfeldt | Bronwyn Williams | Taleia Willis | Amber Yocum