Non-Degree Status

English Graduate Non-Degree Status

English Graduate Non-Degree status means that you are not enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University of Louisville, but you may take graduate level courses in the English Department. You cannot take any graduate level courses at the University of Louisville (including auditing courses) without being admitted as a student. 

You may take a total of 15 credit hours in non-degree status (typically 5 courses), however if you decide to pursue a degree, only 9 credit hours can be transferred into a degree program as per the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies policy. 

If you applied for the M.A., but were offered non-degree admission and you would like to accept that offer, your application will be changed to non-degree status and you will be admitted. You may reapply for the graduate program upon fulfilling the requirements indicated in your admission letter. 

Reasons to Apply for Non-Degree Status

  1.  You are interested in taking some courses, but not in pursuing a degree.
  2.  You are required to take a course, such as ENGL 602 (Teaching College Composition), for employment. 
  3.  You have been asked to take courses in non-degree status as preparation before applying into a degree program. 

How to Apply

To apply for non-degree status, during the application process choose the non-degree option and indicate that you are not degree seeking. Include in the comments section, "I am applying for Graduate English non-degree status."

Application requirements:

  • Online Application (with fee)
  • Transcript showing at least a B.A. degree