Fall 2014



Various, Recommended July 2 (Wednesday): HR orientation for incoming GTAs and Fellows. This orientation is mandatory for all new GTAs and Fellows. Attending sessions after August 1st may result in late payments of stipends.For more information and to register.

August 12 (Tuesday): Graduate School General Orientation for all graduate students who have not attended previously. This is required for GTAs and Fellows. Register

August 18 - August 22 (Monday - Friday): Various mandatory orientations for GTAs and Composition instructors. Contact Linda Baldwin and writing center staff for more information.

August 21 (Thursday): Mandatory orientation for incoming Writing Center GTAs. 9:00AM - 3:00PM.

August 25 (Monday): First day of Fall 2014 classes. Last day of initial registration for Fall 2014.

August 29 (Friday): Last day to drop/add courses for Fall 2014

August 29, (Friday): Last day to declare intention to take Fall 2014 doctoral comprehensive exams and to submit proposed schedule for taking SRA/SLA exams. SLA/SRA proposals and reading lists, including committee members’ name, approvals, and project title are due at least one month prior to the proposed exam date. The ENTIRE committee must approve the proposal by signature BEFORE it is submitted. Digital and signed hard copy required. SLA/SRA Form

August 29 (Friday): New MA student meeting 4:00 - 6:00 PM HM 300 (required). Light dinner provided.

September 1 (Monday): Labor Day: offices closed, no classes.

September 5 (Friday): Last day to submit MA approved thesis prospectus for December 2014 degree by 4:00 PM. Director and secondary department reader must approve via signature PRIOR to submission. Digital and hard copy required. Submit a Thesis/Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment form. See Graduate Program Guidelines for more information. Thesis Checklist

September 5 (Friday): New PhD student meeting 4:15 - 6:00 PM HM 300 (required). Light dinner provided.

September 16 (Tuesday): Last day for M.A.Fall 2014 degree candidates to submit culminating project prospectus to Annelise by 4:00 PM. Prospectus must be approved by the project advisor by signature BEFORE it is submitted. Digital and hard copy (signed) required.Culminating Project Checklist

September 17 (Wednesday): Last day to apply for December 2014 degree.

October 2 (Thursday): Rhet/Comp doctoral examination. 10:00 AM – 4:00PM. Various carrels in Ekstrom Library, unless other room arrangements are requested or necessary. Exam day instructions and procedures will be e-mailed to participants Monday, September 29.

October 6 & 7 (Monday & Tuesday): Mid-Term break: offices open, no classes.

October 16 - 18 (Thursday - Sunday): Thomas R. Watson Conference: Responsivity: Defining, Cultivating, Enacting

October 23 (Thursday): Last day to withdraw from courses for Fall 2014.

November 2 (Sunday): Daylight savings time ends at 2:00AM. Set clocks back one hour.

November 3 (Monday): Last day to submit Oral Examination Schedule form to Annelise for Fall defenses (PhD and MA). Remember you need to submit this form at least 3 weeks prior to the defense date.

November 6 (Thursday): Priority early registration opens at 10:30 AM for Spring 2015. All English graduate students MUST be advised by the DGS before they are able to register. Advising will be announced, and begin, several weeks PRIOR to this date.

November 24 (Monday): Last day for dissertation Oral Defense for December degree. Submit Oral Examination Schedule form to Annelise at least 3 weeks prior to the defense

November 24 (Monday): Last day for thesis Oral Defense for December degree. Submit Oral Examination Schedule form to Annelise at least 3 weeks prior to the defense

November 25 (Tuesday): Completed Culminating Projects (approved by your advisor by signature) due to Annelise by 4:00 PM. Both digital and hard copy required.

November 26 - 30 (Wednesday – Sunday): Thanksgiving Break: no classes.

December 1 - 5  (Monday-Friday): Recommended last week for culminating projects discussions with committee for December degree. These can be scheduled any time throughout the Fall semester as meets the committee’s convenience. Students are responsible for scheduling the date and time of the discussion and contacting Annelise to request a room reservation a week prior to the date of the discussion to allow time for the reservation to be made.

December 5 (Friday): Last day for graduate students to submit defended thesis/dissertation to the graduate school at Houchens 105.

December 8 (Monday): Last day of classes for Fall 2014.

December 9 (Tuesday): Last day for culminating project discussions.

December 9 (Tuesday): Reading Day (no classes): 2nd year PhD students meet with the Graduate Committee for progress interviews.

December 10 – 16 (Wednesday – Tuesday): Final Exams

December 16 (Tuesday): Degree date for Fall 2014.

December 18 (Thursday): Commencement Fall 2014

December 24 (Wednesday): University early release holiday: Offices close at 12:00PM

January 7 (Wednesday): First day of Spring 2015 term. Last day of initial registration.

January 8 - January 11 (Thursday - Sunday):MLA Annual Convention. Vancouver, Canada.