Doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition

Established over thirty years ago, the University of Louisville Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Composition prepares its students for research and teaching careers in the theory and practice of rhetoric and composition. Most students seek tenurial employment in colleges and universities; a few go into business and industry as writing consultants.

Coursework : The doctoral program introduces the student to the teaching of writing, to the history of rhetoric, to current issues and research methods in rhetoric and composition, to contemporary theories of interpretation, and to interconnections among literature, rhetoric, and composition. Recent special topic seminars have focused on literacy, writing in the disciplines, new media and composition pedagogy, and the politics of language in composition.

Teaching Opportunities
: All  doctoral students teach for at least two semesters in the First-Year Composition Program; many have the opportunity as well to teach advanced writing, technical or business writing, writing about literature, and introductory literature classes.

Administrative Positions
:  Students wishing to gain administrative and editorial experience will have ample opportunity to do so. Graduate  assistantships are available in Writing Program Administration, Writing Center Administration, Computer-Aided Instruction, Writing Across the Curriculum, and the Watson Conference. Editorial assistantships are available for The Henry James Review, a journal edited by an English Department faculty member.

Funding: All doctoral students are fully funded for a minimum of four years by departmental Graduate Teaching Assistantships or University Fellowships.

Graduate Catalog Information and How to Apply

The Watson Endowment

Ph.D. Advising Sheet

GTA Application(This application should be completed and returned to the English Department with all supporting documents. Address to Annelise Gray)