Organizing Email - Mac

Microsoft Exchange FAQ

1. Why are my emails organized together into threads? Can I change this?

Mac users may notice that emails are arranged into Conversations by default in Outlook 2011 for Mac. The Conversations feature condenses multiple emails into a discussion, called a conversation thread, and displays them as a single line item. The Reading Pane, a preview on the right side of your email list, displays a summary of all messages in the conversation.

You can turn the Conversations feature off if you prefer the traditional view of one email per line. Click Organize at the top of your Outlook Mail view, and then click Conversations. To turn Conversations back on, click Organize and click Conversations again.

2. How do I categorize my email?

  1. Click any email in your message list. (Be sure to start from your Outlook Mail view, in the Home tab.)
  2. Click the Categorize button at the top of your screen.
  3. Choose from the options listed below. Your email will be marked with the category you choose.
  4. You may also click Edit Categories to see additional options and change category colors, or click Add New to create a new category.
  5. You can now click the Arrange By button at the top of your email list, and choose Categories, to see your emails arranged by your new color categories.