About Exchange (Outlook)

Microsoft Exchange FAQ

  1. What is Microsoft Exchange (Outlook)?

    Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) is the university's email system for faculty and staff.

  2. What is the difference between Exchange and Outlook?

    Exchange is the server that runs the university's email system behind the scenes. Outlook is the program, or client, you use to access your email account on your computer. On your mobile device, however, you access the Exchange server directly.

  3. Why did the university choose Microsoft Exchange over other email providers and/or applications, to replace UofL's old GroupWise email system?

    Microsoft Exchange easily integrates with most of the applications and devices used by faculty and staff. Exchange is a flexible email system delivering the latest trends in email services and can easily incorporate emerging technologies.

  4. Do retirees get an Exchange email account?

    Yes or you have the option of setting up an email forwarding service. This will send your UofL email to a personal account, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. More information for retirees.

  5. What is my quota in Microsoft Exchange?

    Microsoft Exchange email account holders will have a 1GB quota.

  6. Can I see student email addresses in the Microsoft Exchange address book?

    Yes, student email addresses are integrated into the Microsoft Exchange address book.

  7. Does Android sync with Exchange calendar and email?

    Yes, Android syncs with Exchange calendar and email.

  8. What about antivirus software and spam filtering?

    Information Technology uses Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, an antivirus and spam filtering solution. To keep Mac users protected, Information Technology continues to offer Symantec Endpoint Protection licenses for Mac.

  9. Can I also use Microsoft Forefront at home?

    No, Forefront is not available for home use. Information Technology recommends the use of Microsoft Security Essentials for PCs. Click here for Security Essentials installation instructions. Mac users should continue to use Symantec.

  10. What is my email address in Exchange (Outlook)?

    Your email address is your ULink userID followed by @louisville.edu (userID@louisville.edu), or your first and last name followed by @louisville.edu (jane.doe@louisville.edu) if you have set up an email nickname. Information Technology does not recommend giving out your email address as userID@louisville.edu.