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UofL Email FAQs

UofL Email FAQs

UofL Email FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Your UofL email address can be found by going to ULink and on the front page of the portal, under Resources (below buttons), clicking on Email Addresses. Log-in with your userID and password. This page displays your system provided nickname (usually and your preferred email with an option to change your chosen nickname. The Primary Nickname (checked box) is your registered email account for sending/receiving at UofL (usually You will use your system provided nickname ( to log-into your UofL email.

You can access your UofL email in multiple ways:

Log in to your account at Your log in ID for your UofL email is your ULink (for example: Your password is the same as your ULink password.

Yes, faculty and staff email addresses will appear in your UofL email address book.

Personal Contact Groups

When you create a personal contact group in your UofL email, you may include anyone in the group (even external email addresses). However, you are the only person who may use your personal contact groups (they cannot be shared).

Public Contact Groups

When you create a public contact group in your UofL email, you may only include other UofL email users in your group. The advantage is that other UofL email users can see and use your public contact groups. Public groups may be controlled by the following settings:

  • Open - Any UofL email user can join or leave the group at anytime.
  • Restricted Access - UofL email users can only join or leave the group with approval from the creator of the group.
  • Membership Closed - All requests to join or leave the group are automatically rejected.

Note: Faculty and staff members cannot reply to UofL email groups. For this reason, communication with faculty and staff is best conducted via direct messaging or use of a ListServ.

Yes. To combat spam and mass emailing dangers such as worms and viruses, the following limits are applied to your UofL email account:

Recipient Limit - The maximum number of recipients you may include on one email message is 500. However, a public group is counted as a single recipient. The system will block emails sent to over 500 recipients and will also block multiple, sequential emails with the same content (especially to a large number of recipients) in order to protect our mail reputation.

Message Rate Limit - The maximum number of email messages you may send from your account per minute is 30.

  1. Sign in to your UofL Email.
  2. Click on the Options link at the top right of the screen.
  3. Choose See all options.
  4. Choose Settings on the left side of the screen.
  5. Choose General.
  6. Select the Use the blind and low vision experience checkbox.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Sign out of your UofL email. When you sign in again, the account will be ADA compliant.

Visit Outlook Live's online help site or contact the ITS HelpDesk at (502) 852-7997 or their website (

  • Make sure you are logging in with your correct UofL email address (
  • Reset your password at Wait a few minutes then attempt to log in to your UofL email again.
  • If you are still having problems, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at (502) 852-7997 or their website.

Your UofL email password matches your ULink password. Changing your ULink password will also change your UofL email password. To change your password, go to

When you delete a message, it is moved to the Deleted Items folder where it remains for 30 days or until the folder is manually emptied. Those deleted items then remain in the "Recover Deleted Items" area for an additional 30 days, or until they are purged.

Yes. When forwarding your UofL email to another account, all forwarded messages will appear to come from you. When replying to one of these messages, make sure you type in the sender's email address in the "To" field.

As employees, all use of UofL licensed software (O365, Microsoft Campus Agreement Office products, Adobe) both online and installed on personal computers must cease. CardBox accounts are transferrable to varying levels of a personal Box account.

If you are also a student: Upon graduation, as a UofL alum, you are eligible to set up permanent email forwarding. Emails sent to your university account will be forwarded to the personal email account of your choosing. This is done via ULink > on the Portal entrance click on Students > Sign into System > click the Profile Tile > in left navigation, Click Contact Details > Here you can add an email and change your preferences.

If you retire: If a retiree does not access their email within six months, the account will be closed due to lack of use. Upon retirement, you have the option to set up an email forwarding service to keep receiving email sent to your UofL address: go to ULink > on the Portal entrance click on Employees > Sign into System > Complete the UL2FCTR/Duo process > in the third box, under Person Information, click on Email Addresses > Here you can add an email and change your preferences. To only keep receiving UofL Today announcements after your retirement, subscribe to the ULT_RETIRESS listserv.

If you are a part-time lecturer (PTL): These include employees whose pay groups are L12, L11, F11, F51, or G12. Their accounts are closed twice a year – in late February or early March if the PTL employee is no longer employed, in September or early October if the PTL employee is no longer employed. An email notification is sent to the part-time lecturer before the account is closed. If you (otherwise) leave permanently: Employees are allowed to keep their computer accounts at the University of Louisville as long as they are actively employed. Accounts are closed the day the user is officially terminated from the University of Louisville. No notifications are sent.

Looking to join, manage or create an email listserv for UofL? Most groups and units at UofL have transitioned over to our MS Teams options for messaging, posting or sending files and creating meetings but some departments or interest groups use a Listserv as a special use of email for widespread distribution of information.

Index of all Listserv at UofL

Listserv Permissions

Manage Listserv Email Addresses

Unit or department service email accounts are provided upon approval. Please submit appropriate information if you would like to request, change ownership of or close a service account. Additional information about management is located in our Knowledge Base.

PLEASE NOTE: If a retiree does not access their email within six (6) months the email will be closed due to lack of use.


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