About Windows Live


1. What is Windows Live?

While you are a student at UofL, Windows Live is a suite of online tools available to you with your log in ID for CardMail. Your log in ID for CardMail is your ULink userID @cardmail.louisville.edu (for example: fmlast01@cardmail.louisville.edu). You can instant message your friends, store documents on the Windows Live SkyDrive, create photo galleries, make movies and more!

2. Is data stored on the Windows SkyDrive encrypted and secure?

Windows Live SkyDrive does use SSL encryption for log in; however, the data itself stored in the SkyDrive is not encrypted. The Windows Live SkyDrive is NOT suitable for confidential and/or regulated information such as HIPAA data.

3. What happens if I lose something stored in my Windows Live account?

Any data, documents or photos stored in your Windows Live account cannot be recovered by the University of Louisville if lost.

4. I heard my Windows Live account will close when I leave UofL. How do I move my data, photos and documents to a new location?

Upon leaving UofL, you will be notified by email of the date on which your Windows Live account will close. You will find instructions on how to move any information from your Windows Live account to a new location. Please Note: If you do not follow these instructions before the stated deadline you will lose any data, documents or photos stored in your Windows Live account.

5. I am faculty/staff. Can I use Windows Live to collaborate with my students?

For security purposes, Information Technology strongly recommends using Blackboard to collaborate with your students.