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The Veterans Accelerate Learning for Licensed Occupations (VALLO) is a 3 year Department of Labor grant that provides funding to develop educational bridge programs for licensed occupations for veterans who plan to return to the state of Kentucky after they finish their military service. 

The VALLO team investigates licensed occupations and, when possible, creates an education bridge program with the partner schools to cover the gap that veteran’s needs to qualify for licensure in that occupation. If it is discovered that additional education training is not required of the veteran, VALLO communicates the existing pathways to licensure to veterans seeking employment in that occupation.

In some cases the VALLO team, in collaboration with other partners and the Kentucky legislature, work to advocate for the removal or change to legislative roadblocks that might hinder a veteran’s opportunity to obtain employment in the state of Kentucky.  This advocacy seeks to enable service members to achieve licensure more efficient and expeditiously.


Kentucky Science and Technology Center
ELEOD Teaching Leadership

The VALLO grant was awarded to Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC). As the principal agent, they have formed a team to carry out the investigation and creation of education pathways that lead to licensure in the state of Kentucky.  KSTC oversees grant strategies, progress, and communicates deliverables to the Federal Department of Labor constituents.

University of Louisville
ELEOD Teaching Leadership

The University of Louisville’s participation in the VALLO project is in line with licenses that require a 4-year undergraduate education. Within the current scope occupations in nursing, social work and K-12 teaching are the focus of UofL ‘s efforts. UofL has also expanded its teaching research to include Post-Secondary certification for Career and Technical Education instructors at the community college level. Click the button below to explore UofL efforts under VALLO.

Kentucky Community & Technical College System
ELEOD Teaching Leadership

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s (KCTCS) participation in the VALLO project is in line with licenses that require a 2-year undergraduate education or Vocational Certificate. Within the current scope occupations in health sciences (EMT, Paramedic, LRN and RN), criminal justice, aviation, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, and many more are the focus of KCTCS ‘s efforts. The link below will take you to the KCTCS home page. 


Other Helpful Partner Organizations 

The following organizations have helped to further the progress of the VALLO project with subject matters that are in  their area of expertise. While they are not "official" partners and have no reporting requirements to the Department of Labor through KSTC, they have been helpful in helping our project to remove roadblocks to licensure for many of our licensed occupations.


Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs

Kentucky Board of Social Work 

Kentucky Education and Workforce Cabinet

Kentucky Department for Local Government

Council for State Governments

Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs

Kentucky Legislature

Kentucky Department of Education

Council for Great City Schools


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Coord ED-Educ Ldshp Eval & Orgzl Dev