Autism Friendly Business Initiative Provides Training for Local Businesses

      The goal of the Autism Friendly Business Initiative (AFBI) is to help Louisville’s efforts to become an autism friendly community through training local businesses about Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Appreciation where individuals affected by autism can become valued participating members.  A 3-level system developed by a collaboration of parents, professionals and community members will facilitate this process for participating businesses.


AFBI logo

Level 1 -- Awareness

The business has made a commitment to train its management and staff in autism awareness. Employees view a 10-minute video on autism spectrum disorder, answer 3 questions regarding the video showing that they watched it and are aware of recognizing the signs that someone may have autism and how they should respond.

Level 2 -- Modifications

The business has made small modifications/adjustments to better support the autism community.

Level 3 -- Employment

The business has committed to reviewing hiring strategies and promoting a supportive work environment to individuals with ASD.


      Participating businesses will display the AFBI logo.  The AFBI logo communicates that a particular business is a place where individuals with autism will find understanding through education and a ‘judgment free’ zone for them and their families. The symbol will be available in many forms including a window decal placed on the inside of a certified business and digitally for social media and on local community websites.

     If you have a business and would like to join the autism friendly business initiative in Kentuckiana contact Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville and the Autism Friendly Community of Louisville, KY to learn more about this initiative visit AFBI can also be contacted by phone or email: 502-596-1258 or