KATC Family Network

Families Supporting Families

Kentucky Autism Training Center (KATC) is developing the KATC Family Network: Families Supporting Families. Through a partnership with The Council on Developmental Disabilities (CDD).



The purpose of the KATC Family Network is to develop a network of family members affected by ASD who will reach, collaborate, empower, and develop relationships with others throughout Kentucky.

KY Family Network map


Twenty Ideas for Better Communication with Professionals [PDF] | TXT

Conference Summary/Action Form

Individual Education Program Form

Participation Guidelines for the KY Alternate Assessment

Consent to Evaluate/Re-evaluate

Notice of Admission and Release Committee Meeting

State Complaint Procedures [PDF] | TXT

School Personnel and Information [PDF] | TXT

Positive Student-Profile [PDF] | TXT

Smart IEPs [PDF] | TXT

Pre-IEP Meeting Letter for Parents to Send to IEP Team [PDF] | TXT

Preparing for Admissions and Release Committee

Orientation Training Documents


Project Contact:
Heidi Cooley-Cook
Field Training Coordinator, Family 502-852-6401