ABRI School Assessment (ASA)

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ABRI School Assessment

The ABRI School Assessment (ASA) helps MTSS teams evaluate the degree to which schools are effectively implementing a multi-tiered system of supports. There are 22 questions for each content area: Reading, Writing, Math, and Behavior. This assessment is best administered by an external district administrator in an interview-style with multiple school level MTSS team members present (administrator, interventionist, and teacher representation). As the ASA answers are recorded, discussion time allows for an open-ended dialogue with feedback and clarifying comments by the team.

ASA Scoring Guide

The ASA Scoring Guide provides guidance related to scoring criteria for each question of the ABRI School Assessment.

ASA Overview Presentation

The Academic & Behavior Response to Intervention School Assessment (ASA) PowerPoint gives the implementer an explanation statement and clarification for each of the 22 questions for Reading, Math, Writing and Behavior.  The PowerPoint will help prompt and cue the interviewer to ask questions as well as allowing for an exchange of ideas with the MTSS team.

ASA District Analysis Excel File


District MTSS teams can record and analyze ASA results using the ASA District Analysis Tool spreadsheet. This tool gives District MTSS teams the ability to assess the degree to which multiple schools are effectively implementing a multi-tiered system of supports. When ASA scores are entered, the percentage results will automatically tabulate showing total percentage averages for Reading, Math, Writing and Behavior - visible in red on row 2. The schools’ overall total ASA average is displayed in the total column that follows Reading, Math, Writing and Behavior.