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The Healthiest and Happiest Cultures on Earth
Scandinavia: JULY 18-26, 2020


Program Name: The Healthiest and Happiest Cultures on Earth

Program Locations: Oslo, Norway & Stockholm, Sweden

Program Leaders: Dr. Andrew McCart, Dr. Sharon Kerrick, and Ryan Rathmann


The U.S spends nearly twice as much on healthcare than similar countries to achieve the same or worse health outcomes. Why is the U.S., with such a strong economy, falling behind in health, healthcare, and mental health? What can we learn from some of the healthiest and happiest cultures on earth? This program seeks to explore the healthcare, health practices, and public health policies of Norway and Sweden, the 2nd and 9th happiest cultures in the world and the 9th and 6th healthiest cultures on earth. Students of Healthcare Leadership will analyze and compare the Greater Louisville region and the United States with these healthier and happier cultures for the duration of this 9-day study abroad experience.


Pricing below is for private rooms. If students are interested in having a roommate at lower price, please email Ryan Rathmann (contact information below).


In addition to the coursework and formal visits, students will enjoy Oslo's Akershus Fortress, the Norse Folkemuseum, The Viking Ship Museum, and Vigeland Sculpture Park. While in Stockholm, the group will wander through Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Djurgården, visit the Vasa Museum, and view "The Beauty on the Water" via a Royal Canal boat tour. While staying in Stockholm, students will travel by train to the lovely city of Uppsala: famous for its medieval university. We will do our best to explore Scandinavian cuisine while we explore the region: from brown cheese, waffles and cloudberries--for the intestinally conservative---to Lutefisk and reindeer steak--for those with greater intestinal fortitude!


Students are responsible for booking their own international airfare. Since the group is arriving to Oslo and departing from Stockholm, students will need to purchase a "multi-city" ticket (offered on all major air/travel websites). The group will meet at our Oslo hotel on the afternoon of July 18 and the program will conclude at our Stockholm hotel on the morning of July 26. The Program Leaders will travel together and will share their international flight itineraries in the case that any students would prefer to have travel partners. It is strongly advised that international tickets be purchased 90-100 days prior to departure: April 9-19, 2020. The group will fly from Oslo to Stockholm together and this flight is included in the program cost. Please feel free to contact Ryan Rathmann for any and all ticketing/travel questions.


Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations during their Program should discuss these needs with their program leader(s) at the time of application.


There are no required immunizations for travel to Norway and Sweden, but the CDC recommends all travelers ensure they are up to date on their routine vaccinations (MMR).


Applicants can be enrolled in ELEOD programs including Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL), Human Resource and Organization (HROD) and Higher Education Administration (HEA). Students enrolled in other programs at U of L are also encouraged to apply.


ELFH 596 - (3 Credits) Leadership Across Cultures is designed to explore leadership and influence processes at the individual, group, organizational, and global levels. With a recognition of the increasingly global nature of the workplace, the contextual nature of leadership and the development of leadership skills are specifically investigated from a cross-cultural perspective. In addition to the coursework abroad, students will attend three mandatory 2-hour (online) class sessions in May and June. Please note that the $1550.00 program fee includes tuition.


The program cost is tentatively set at $1550.00

Program Cost Includes

  • Tuition for ELFH 596
  • Flight from Oslo to Stockholm
  • In-country transportation (Including the flight from Oslo to Stockholm)
  • All Accommodations
  • All Excursions
  • All Entrance fees
  • Meals: every breakfast, 3-4 group lunches and 2-3 group dinners
  • Health/Evacuation/Repatriation insurance

Program Cost Does Not Include

  • Multi-City International Airfare from the US to Oslo and from Stockholm to the US
  • 3-4 lunches, 4-5 dinners
  • Passport fees (if applicable)
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, etc.)


Accepted students will be eligible to apply for a $500 Need and Merit-based Scholarship. There are two, $500 scholarships available for the 2019-2020 program.


All program fees are posted directly to a student’s account on March 23. 2020. Students make payments via ULink utilizing the Make a Payment link.


All payments are final; however, the International Learning Programs office will provide full refunds until April 3, 2020. Please note that the International Learning Programs office will always refund students when refunds can be obtained from international vendors (hotels, restaurants, etc.).


The application deadline is March 15, 2020. Program size is limited to 10 participants, so early application is strongly advised.


Program Leader: Andrew McCart
Office: CEHD 365
Call: (502) 852-0568

Program Leader: Ryan Rathmann
Office: CEHD 140 B
Text/Call: (530) 708-0154

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