Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt's curriculum vitae [PDF]


Samuel is currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development doctoral program with a specialization in Sport Administration. He completed an undergraduate degree in Sport Management from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and came to the University of Louisville in 2013 to obtain a master's degree in Sport Administration. Through the Department of Health and Sport Sciences (HSS) program, Sam has had tremendous opportunities to work with PGA of America, University of Louisville Athletic Department, Bellarmine Athletic Department, and Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby. His research areas include: Sport and Social Movements and Athlete Activism.

Educational Background

  • PhD-anticipated spring2018, Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development with a specialization in Sport Administration, University of Louisville
  • M.S., Sport Administration, University of Louisville
  • B.S., Sport Management, Minor in Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Teaching Areas

Principles of Sport Management, Career Development in Sport, Sport for Development and Peace

Honors and Awards

  • University of Louisville Outstanding Graduate, 2015

Professional Memberships

  • North American Society for Sport Management

Selected Publications

  • Hums, M.A., Schmidt, S. H., Wolff, E., & Novak, A., (2016). Universal Design- Moving the Americans with Disability Act from access to inclusion. Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 26(1), 36-51.
  • Shreffler, M.B., Hancock, M.G., & Schmidt, S. H. (2015). Organizational representation through Twitter: An examination of the WNBA. Global Sports Business Journal, 3(3), 42-52.
  • Schmidt, S. H., Cintron, A., Park, J., & Hancock, M.G. (in second review). #ICantBreathe and #Ferguson: Race and athlete activism on social media. Submitted to Journal of Sport and Social Issue.
  • Shreffler, M., Presley, R., & Schmidt, S. (2015). Getting clipped: An evaluation of crisis management and the NBA response to the Donald Sterling incident. Case Studies in Sport Management, 4.
  • Schmidt, S. H. (April, 2016) Athletes and Social Responsibility. In G. Presley, Shreffler, M.B, Schmidt, S. H., & Hancock, M. G. (Eds.) Ethical Issues in Sport.
  • Schmidt, S. H., & Shreffler, M. B. (2016). Good guy, good buy: An experimental look at activism and brand image/purchase intent. To be presented at the 2016 Sport Marketing Association (SMA), Indianapolis, IN.
  • Shreffler, M. B., Schmidt, S. H., & Paras, M. (2016, June). Need for experiential learning in career preparation: An examination of sales training in sport administration education. Presented at the 2016 North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), Orlando, FL.