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How do students benefits from of apprenticeship-style programs?

Students work in tandem with employers and educators to build a pathway to a long-term and meaningful career in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, or IT. 

Apprenticeship-style programs provide students with an opportunity to: 

  • Gain paid hands-on experience 
    You earn a salary based on your level of skill attainment while receiving practical on-the-job training, related technical instruction, and mentorship in the industry you choose.

  • Progress towards educational credentials
    There is potential for you to earn college credit towards an associate or bachelor’s degree

  • Gain a national credential
    When you graduate from a career training program you will have earned a certified portable
    credential that is accepted by industries and employers across the US.

  • Forge a pathway to a long-term career
    Once you have completed your apprenticeship you are on your way to a successful
    long-term career with a competitive salary and little to no educational debt.

  • Earn higher wages
    Graduates of apprenticeship programs earn an average salary of $70k/year and make
    an average of $300k more than comparable jobseekers in their lifetime.

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