Letters of Recommendation

Candidates who are not currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Communicative Disorders may need to complete letters of recommendation. Please contact Taleia Fisher at 502-852-3521 or taleia.fisher @ louisville.edu for clarification.

For those who are required to complete letters of recommendation, please review the instructions below.

The College of Education and Human Development requires a minimum of three letters of recommendation. Additional recommendations are optional. Applicants must download and complete the Recommendation Form Cover Page. In addition, applicants must download the additional three, specific recommendation form cover pages, and complete the top portion. The recommenders will complete the bottom portion and attach a letter.

Applicants must decide whether or not to waive their right to view the recommendation forms and letters. The appropriate box must be checked on the top portion of each form.

Note: Those applicants who waive the right to review their recommendation forms and letters should ask their recommenders to place the forms/letters in a sealed and signed envelope. The applicant can then collect the sealed/signed envelopes and include those with the other application materials at the time of submission.

Notice: It is the applicants responsibility to collect and submit all letters of recommendation, along with the other application materials, by the application deadline.

These files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Recommendation Form Cover Page [PDF]
Professional Recommendation Cover Page [PDF]
Faculty Recommendation Cover Page [PDF]
Work with Children and/or Adolescents Recommendation Form [PDF]