Kentucky New Teacher Survey Data

Representative Comments from 2015-2016 Survey

Student Teacher Responses:

  1. The educator preparation program provides students within the program and student teachers with varieties of experiences in multiple classroom settings. Most importantly, the program allows teacher candidates to implement and design instruction that correlates to what they learn in the classroom. This gives teacher candidates the opportunity to ask questions of their instructors, mentor teachers and supervisors and receive feedback.
  2. The University of Louisville does a great job at incorporating students into schools as quickly as possible. By doing this, it helps the students gain as much experience as possible before going into their student teaching experience.
  3. JCPS has such a variety of students from all different backgrounds.  Being in these schools and witnessing all the differences really opened my eyes and taught me a lot about diversity.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Intern responses:

  1. The educator preparation program was beneficial to me in that it provided me with an ample amount of instructional strategies. In addition to describing and giving examples of these strategies, I was taught how to incorporate these into my lessons effectively. I was taught how to use different strategies to differentiate instruction for high or low learners.
  2. Professors that gave real life examples from their own experiences and brought those experiences to life in their classrooms.  Teaching us lessons to become engaged in learning to see how the students would experience learnings the same manner.  Having these experiences made a much bigger impact than simply reading about teaching strategies.
  3. The most beneficial aspect about the educator preparation program was having a team to give me suggestions after observing me teach.

Cooperating Teacher Responses:

  1. The student teachers from the University of Louisville have been excellent and well prepared.  They have been knowledgeable in common core standards, active seekers in help and advice, and eager to help each student succeed.
  2. My student teacher was prepared in what expectations were needed to be in the classroom.  She was able to connect to students and adults in a respectful manner.  She knew the expectations of the educator preparation program and how to implement these expectations in the classroom.
  3. The educator preparation program allows upcoming teachers to get a feel of how they will operate their own classroom in the near future.  During this time the student teacher has the opportunity to observe and ask as many questions that they may to their cooperating teacher.

Resource Teacher responses:

  1. I feel the most beneficial thing about the program is the ability to have the experience educator work with that 1st year teacher.  In many cases, new teachers don't feel comfortable to go and ask principals or fellow teachers. However, by assigning a resource teacher that new teacher feels comfortable asking questions that might not normally get asked.  Also, when a new teacher is hired many times the school forgets to give in-depth directions and details to how to handle certain situations.  This is when the resource teacher is invaluable.
  2. My teacher intern continually reflects on his instruction and planning. As a new teacher, he isn't expected to know everything but being able to reflect and make changes to improve instruction really benefitted my intern. I'm sure this skill was practiced throughout his educator preparation program.
  3. My intern had a great deal of knowledge about the Common Core. She was flexible and prepared to look for and utilize resources outside the school and district.

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