Cards SPEAK Kognito Online Training Course

What is Kognito online training?

Cards SPEAK (Suicide Prevention, Education, Awareness, and Knowledge) is a SAMHSA grant program awarded to the University of Louisville in 2015. The grant’s purpose is to increase awareness of mental health wellbeing and to develop a comprehensive suicide prevention education program.

Kognito At Risk is the online training option. Kognito uses an interactive and visual format where the user can start a conversation with a virtual student. The user can choose what to say in a typical college situation and gets a response from a virtual student having a conversation about concerns regarding the student. The Kognito simulator allows the user to practice skills in a safe environment. Users can choose a variety of responses and interact with the student. One of the benefits of Kognito At Risk is that anyone can complete the program 24/7 on their own time and at their own pace.

How to complete the training.

Thank you for participating in this training option.

More Information

If you would like further training the in-person information about the in-person QPR training can be found at QPR Training.

For more information about the Cards SPEAK program and Kognito training, or contact in the Dean of Students Office.