Research Cores

Core Services at the Center for Cardiometabolic Science

Our state-of-the-art Core Facilities provide comprehensive research support and offer services in a variety of areas, including Flow Cytometry, Pathology and Bioanalytics, Animal Models and Phenotyping, as well as Imaging and Physiology.

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(Updated February 2021)

Flow Cytometry

Provides support and services for flow cytometric analysis of specific cell populations using surface antigens, measurements of cell metabolism, signaling, proliferation and differentiation as well as facilities for cell sorting.

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Offers state-of-the-art facilities and resources for the development and characterization of both new and existing animal models used in diabetes and obesity research. The Core provides comprehensive assessments of animal adiposity, glucose, insulin and pyruvate tolerance, physical activity, body temperature, food and water intake, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

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Animal Models and Phenotyping

Provides services to facilitate rigorous and comprehensive pathological analysis of diabetic specimens. The Core is equipped with advanced pathology and analytical biochemistry equipment, and Core personnel have expertise in cardiovascular physiology, pathology, analytical biochemistry, histology, chromatography and mass spectometry.

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Imaging and Physiology

Provides access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert instruction related to confocal imaging, the assessment of cardiac function, and the performance of surgery in mice. Our Core Director brings to the Core approximately ten years of experience in confocal/fluorescent microscopic imaging and mitochondrial function assessment.

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