About Us

Meet the members and collaborators of the University of Louisville Center for Cardiometabolic Science

Center History

With the approval of the UofL Board of Trustees, a multidisciplinary Diabetes and Obesity Center was established at the University of Louisville in 2008, and officially renamed the Center for Cardiometabolic Science in 2022.

Since its inception, the Center has fostered the career development of both junior and senior investigators. Within its history, several junior investigators have acquired independent federal funding.

Additional junior investigators have successfully obtained start-up grants and fellowships, as well.

The Center has developed a nationally competitive program, recruiting trainees and faculty from the top academic institutions in the country.

Supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Center has also expanded and integrated on-going programs, and has established a cohesive and productive research team.

The ground-breaking discoveries of Center investigators have attracted national and international attention.

By generating new knowledge and innovative approaches for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and heart disease, the Center and its investigators have emerged as a leading academic unit both at the University of Louisville and nationwide.

Our Research Focus

Using a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to research, our work ranges from cardiovascular metabolism and inflammation to stem cell biology and environmental cardiology, all while maintaining a cohesive theme and common goal. We believe that coupled with community outreach and expert clinical care, our research can help stem the tide of these growing epidemics.


Steven Jones 2018Steven P. Jones, Ph.D., FAHA

Steven Jones, Ph.D., is an integrative physiologist, and is known for his work in ischemia-reperfusion injury and heart failure. He is interested in understanding the relationship between risk factors, such as diabetes and diet, and heart failure. In this pursuit, he has created fundamental knowledge of a unique accessory pathway of glucose metabolism and how changes in this pathway influences cardiovascular disease. More recently, his laboratory has focused on fibroblast biology and the fundamental relationships between metabolism and ventricular remodeling.



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