Transition from High School to College

The University of Louisville's Disability Resource Center coordinates accommodations and support services for enrolled students with disabilities, and are available to consult with prospective students and their families upon request. Our goal is to assure equal educational opportunity for students with disabilities.

The transition from high school to college is an important time for many students, including those students who have disabilities. The Disability Resource Center has compiled some resources for students, parents, and educators preparing for the transition from high school to college.



  • Dear Parent Letter External link
    This letter to parents by the Office of Civil Rights explains some differences between high school and college regarding the accommodation of disabilities.
  • Parents Association
    The Parents Association at the University of Louisville has a lot of valuable information for parents of college students.


A smooth transition between high school and college is important. Students are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center early to discuss support needs and assure a smooth transition. Many accommodations require lots of prior planning and can be seriously jeopardized if early contact is not made. Be sure to contact us!

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