Digital Media Showcase

What is the Showcase?

The Digital Media Showcase is an online collection of works created by University of Louisville students, faculty, and staff.  The goal of the Showcase is to highlight excellent digital media creations, as well as promote the further advancement of digital media creation at the University of Louisville.  All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit works for inclusion in the Showcase.

The Digital Media Showcase include works in various forms, such as animation, audio, graphic design, images, photographs, videos, or hybrid works incorporating digital media.  Works may also be in any genre or style and may be in any range of purposes (creative, informational, persuasive, etc.).

Why should I submit?

The Digital Media Showcase provides students with the opportunity to an expanded audience, the UofL community and the world at large.  Works included in the Showcase may be shown in the daily Featured Works on the Digital Media Suite's digital displays.  Works submitted to the Showcase may also be incorporated into the Celebration of Student Writing held each spring in Ekstrom Library.  Creators also gain publication credits for their resumes/CVs/portfolios.  

How do I submit?

  • Submissions to the Digital Media Showcase are completed through the form linked below.  Creators must complete the form, as well as digitally sign the Media Release.  This allows the University to store and display the work through the Showcase.  
  • Your name, UofL email address, and description of the work will be displayed along with the digital media product.
  • Submissions to the Showcase will be considered twice each year at the end of the fall and spring semesters.  Creators whose works are accepted into the Showcase will receive notification through their UofL email.
  • If you have any questions, please