Check Out Policies and Procedures

Check Out Policies and Procedures

 Checking out equipment from the Digital Media Suite constitutes an agreement by the user to abide by the below policies and procedures. 

Who can check out equipment

  • To checkout equipment, users must present their Cardinal Card at the Digital Media Suite. 
  • Users must be currently active students, faculty, or staff at UofL.  Community borrowers are not eligible to checkout equipment.
  • Users must provide their UofL user ID (the beginning of the University email address) to check out equipment.

Terms of Use for DMS Equipment

  • All equipment is intended for academic project use only.
  • Equipment can be checked out for 3 business days. If the DMS is not open on the expected due date, it should be returned the next day the DMS is open.
  • Upon equipment circulation, the user will receive an email detailing the equipment checked out.  This email includes due dates, equipment specifics, tutorials, and other information relevant to the circulation policy.
  • Holds can be placed only on equipment currently checked out.  To place a hold on checked out equipment, please email the DMS or stop by.  Holds cannot be placed on currently available equipment.
  • Three renewal made be made using the link in the checkout email, through email to, or by phone at 502.852.3787. 
    • Online renewals will be confirmed by email.  Equipment should be returned to the Digital Media Suite if a renewal is unconfirmed by the due date.
    • Additional renewals made only be made by returning all equipment to the Digital Media Suite.
    • Equipment not renewed within one day of the due date will be considered overdue.
    • Overdue equipment may only be renewed by returning all equipment to the Digital Media Suite.

Overdues, Lost or Damaged Equipment

  • Equipment must be returned in the same condition it was checked out in and with all accessories, or a lost equipment fee will be processed to the student account equaling the cost of the damaged/missing equipment or accessory.  Accessories may include SD cards, battery/charger, lens cover, etc. 
  • Patrons with overdue equipment will be notified by email to return the equipment.  Patrons with three overdue warnings in one semester or with lost equipment will have checkout privileges suspended until the beginning of the next semester.  Patrons with lost equipment are not eligible to checkout equipment until all fees have been paid or the equipment returned.
  • Overdue notices are a courtesy notice only.  Users are expected to know and abide by the policies and procedures for checking out Digital Media Suite equipment.  
  • Equipment that is overdue for more than 1 month will be considered lost.  Lost equipment will be reported to the University Libraries, who will place a Bursar Block on the user's account.  To remove the Block, the equipment must be returned in the same condition it was checked out in with all accessories, or the lost equipment fee must be paid.  Fees for damaged or missing equipment may also result in a Bursar Block, which will be removed once the fees are paid or the missing equipment returned.

Available Equipment

  • Listing currently unavailable.  Please visit the Digital Media Suite for current available equipment.