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Learning Resource Badges

learning resource badges

Most of the non-credit vendor provided courses listed are offered as FREE and include a result of free badges / trophies / certificates / credentials in some cases. Be sure to search or look for "no cost" and "free" in the listing. We recommend never paying with a credit card unless you are wanting to cover the cost for a certification exam. As a general rule, most badges are free but formal exam certifications might cost to take the test following the course. o Many of the vendor provided courses here are part of a longer learning path that, when completed, may prepare you for a certification. After passing any badge or certification level, you are awarded a digital credential emblem or symbol to use on your resume, LinkedIn account or professional document.

vendor course

strategy, education, business

and partner outreach

university of louisville

belknap campus

2301 s. 3rd street

louisville, ky 40208