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1050 E Market St. | Louisville, KY 40206

Appointments: 502-852-9442  Hours: Monday and Tuesday: 8am – 5:30pm | Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8am – 4:30pm

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At our dental practice, we help make going to the dentist a fun and positive experience from the moment you walk in the door. When children enjoy their time with the dentist, they have less anxiety about seeing the dentist regularly and practicing good oral hygiene techniques. We provide exceptional, gentle care, with a variety of activities including books, toys, and movie viewing on flat-screen TVs above the dental chairs to help pass the time.

We know that kids may be shy, nervous, or afraid during their dental appointments. Our dental care team is experienced with child behavior and development. We are specially trained and equipped to treat all children, especially those with special needs. We are patient and understanding with the fears, emotions, and actions of each patient.

This dental care practice is located in the Hockensmith Pediatric Assessment Center on the campus of Home of the Innocents and is open to the public

Oral Health for Children with Autism
For some children with autism, oral health habits can be challenging. To ensure their visit goes well, our care team works with you and your child to provide the most comfortable experience possible. For more information about oral health for children with autism, read more in the Autism Speaks Dental Toolkit.

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  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Preventive care exams
  • Sealants
  • Cleanings
  • Sedation services
  • OR services

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