Why Giving Matters

Each year, many alumni and friends of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry choose to support the ongoing growth and success of the institution through philanthropic support.

As the oldest dental school west of the Alleghany Mountains, the University of Louisville School of Dentistry benefits from a 128-year legacy of training experts in oral care.  Since our inception, our students have continued a tradition of providing a helping hand to those who follow after, as each year our new class of incoming students receives scholarship support.  Private donations have renovated our facility, kept our equipment up-to-date, and provided funds to enhance the student and resident experience.

Today, there are over 6,000 living alumni of the School of Dentistry.  Many give back to support today’s students, assisting tomorrow’s oral care leaders as they once benefited.  Others give to support the future of their profession, or honor a beloved mentor who played a significant role in their lives.  Corporations and foundations give to stimulate research or enhance the delivery of care.  Regardless of motivation, we need your support. To make your gift now you can visit the University of Louisville online giving page.

State budget cuts have had a major impact on the School of Dentistry over the last twelve years.  Our ability to maintain the highest standards in academic and clinical training and to stay competitive with the best institutions in the world depends on the support of our family and friends.  As you browse through these pages, we hope you will learn more about the impact you may have on the School of Dentistry through your generosity.  You will find stories of those who are making a difference, and you will learn about the many ways and methods you can enhance our efforts.  Now, more than ever, your gift matters.