Diversity Committee's Statement

Dear ULSD family,

We are obviously in the midst of a health pandemic, but this is not the only crisis we face as a nation and community.  We are saddened and outraged by the tragic death of George Floyd, and those before him including Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.  These are just the latest examples of the systemic inequities and injustices faced by so many in this country and throughout the world. As we begin to return to our new “normal” during this time of unrest in our nation and city, let us begin the difficult task of developing empathy to beliefs different from our own. Remember our CARDINAL Principles, including “R” -- Respect, irrespective of position.  No matter what our positions at ULSD are, we must respect each other’s humanity and dignity.  Every one of us will process these events in different ways because of the intersectionality of our unique experiences and backgrounds.  However, we grow as people and professionals when we open ourselves to listen to a discourse different from our own.

Also remember the CARDINAL Principle “D” or Diversity and Inclusion. We celebrate diversity of thought, of life experiences, and of perspective. We will never be able to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience their daily lives, but that does not mean that we cannot open our hearts, heads and arms to those people different from us.

The protests centered on racial injustice will eventually subside, but our thoughts and feelings will remain with us always. Some people may not have words to contribute and feel uncomfortable about the current climate for a variety of reasons.  Let us learn from each other by looking at life through another’s perspective.  We have the opportunity to grow together as we navigate our way through the state of our nation. There is always work to be done, both individually and collectively as the ULSD family.

Through the sadness of these times, we must set the example for change. We feel the pain, although the pain is not new to many. We wish that we were all in a place where it would be unnecessary to have to say we oppose racism, discrimination and violence of all kinds.  Period.  We do not need to be complacent; we must awaken a sense of moral shame without bitterness or hate.  This MUST happen in order to work toward being a community of care promoting mutual understanding through constructive communication. Racism and hate have no place at ULSD. We stand with our Black community as we move forward for justice and equality for all.

As Gandhi said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  We are the University of Louisville School of Dentistry Cardinal FAMILY.


THE ULSD Diversity Committee