Ozuna-Vazquez paper highlighted in ASM blog

Hazel OzunaA recent study by PhD candidate Hazel Ozuna-Vázquez and her mentors Silivia Uriarte and Donald Demuth was highlighted in the American Society for Microbiology blog "Small Things Considered"

The paper describes analysis of interactions between the Gram negative coccobacillus Ag­gre­ga­ti­bac­ter ac­ti­no­my­ce­tem­co­mit­ans (Aa) and host neutrophils, specifically Aa responsiveness to host-generated epinephrine.  The findings expand knowledge of exciting new aspects of microbial cross-talk with host endocrine factors.

The study entitled, "The Hunger Games: Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans Exploits Human Neutrophils As an Epinephrine Source for Survival" is published in Frontiers.

Ozuan et al abstract graphic