Computing Requirements

Updated June 2021

All incoming students must own a computer that meets the minimum requirements set out below.

The purpose of this is to ensure you are able to participate effectively in all technology aspects while enrolled.

►►►Caution :  Please use extreme caution when upgrading any O/S ensuring that all software used is compatible with any upgrade. If unsure, check with the DI department.

computer requirements

Windows 7 and Windows 10 Home do NOT meet the ULSD minimum requirements and must be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro at a minimum.
**Pro, Education or Enterprise versions of Windows 10 meet the ULSD Requirements. If you have Windows 10 Home, see below section on Software for upgrade from Home to Education versions of Windows 10.
►►► CAUTION: Please use extreme care when upgrading any O/S ensuring that all software used is compatible with any upgrade. If unsure, check with the DI department.

Disk Encryption -

You must be able to encrypt your drive using Bitlocker (Microsoft) or FileVault (macOS). Bitlocker is only available on Win 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise versions. (See Software section below for upgrading Win 10 home).

Encryption instructions for both OS's can be found here.

Restrictions -

Chromebooks, Netbooks, IPAD's or Android tablets do not meet ULSD’s requirements. Same goes for MS Surfaces running Windows RT, 10 Home S Mode or any mobile operating system.

As a result these may not be used.

Software -

Current compatible browsers are Chrome, EdgeSafari and Firefox. It is expected that you keep these patched and updated to the latest versions, for security measures.

Blackboard & Lockdown Browser - Ensure any IOS upgrades are checked with the compatibility with Blackboard & Lockdown Browser.

 - Software used for testing in many of the courses. Be aware of updating this software in line with your O/S some versions released are incompatible with certain versions of Windows and Mac O/S's, Check with Academic affairs first before proceeding. Contact - Connie Rough

Microsoft Windows 10 Education - The University does offer an upgrade from Windows 10 home to Windows 10 Education edition, which enables easier encryption. Open this page here, click on ‘Purchase’ underneath the ITECH XPRESS image.

Microsoft 365 - Enrolled students are permitted to download the MS office suite on 5 devices for free. /

Security -

Students using PC's are strongly encouraged to use Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software - a free download from Microsoft, instructions can be found here.

Alternatively, you may use another antivirus program that is subscription based (free antivirus programs do not meet ULSD requirements)

Students using MAC's are also strongly encouraged to use some form of antivirus, MAC's are widely thought to be virus free, this is incorrect and are becoming more and more susceptible to same range of viruses that we see in PC's today.

Support -

Dental Informatics is unable to provide hardware or software support to student-owned computers. Each student is responsible for the upkeep, management, and repair of their own computer. Therefore, extended warranties, at the time of computer purchase are highly and strongly recommended to provide a means for quick repair or replacement.

FAQ's -

Can I get financial aid for purchasing my laptop/tablet? How can I request this?

When your student aid is awarded, the cost for a laptop/tablet will be included in your initial financial aid package (as this cost is included in your cost of attendance). For more information on this, please contact the Dental School Financial Aid Coordinator at

Should I purchase a Mac or a PC?

This is personal preference, Either device will work for the programs offered here. You will find a healthy mix of PC’s and Mac’s within our student population.

Will I have wireless access everywhere on campus?

Yes, the School of Dentistry has full coverage so access will not be an issue.

Where should I purchase my device?

It is suggested that you shop around for the best deals, but cheapest does not always equate to the best deal.

You can view options at the University's Campus store by navigating to

Additional options are available through University partners by using the address below and navigating to the links listed under "Computers-Personal Purchases Only" (this option does require UofL ULINK login credentials)

Where can I charge my device?

Charge your laptop at home, free outlets around the school and there are available outlets at each desk in the lecture rooms with a couple of exceptions.

How can I stay safe and avoid viruses and other intrusions?

There are many ways you can stay protected, IT security is not just IT's job, its everyone's responsibility. Some ways in which you can help are as follows. 

  • It is strongly recommended that you purchase a good Antivirus program for your laptop or Mac book and keep it updated.
  • Keep your Operating System updated with the latest security patches.
  • Back up your data, as often as possible.
  • Think before you click, avoid websites with pirated material.
  • Never open any links or attachments from within email sources unknown to you or suspicious looking emails no matter the source.
  • Always hover over a link (especially one with a URL shortener) to see where the link is really taking you.
  • Never allow others to download anything on your device or use any removable media that has not been checked for viruses.
  • Always keep your ULINK password secure, never sharing or sending it via messenger or mail. UofL will never request your password in any way.

For a full listing and details of the University's Policies on Information Security please follow this link.