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International Service Learning

International Service Learning--Dentistry in Belize, is a course Dental students treat patient that is offered beginning in the freshman year, and provides the opportunity to deliver dental care with an emphasis on interdisciplinary teamwork in remote villages in the Central American country of Belize. The course is taught by UofL School of Dentistry professors Dr.Tom Clark and Dr. David Jones.

The course provides multicultural training in the areas of history, geo-politics, economic development issues, program Belize team makes denturesdevelopment and administration, public health issues, and dental issues germane to  given population groups in Belize.

Student participants in this course bring a wide variety of personal experiences, and the program is enhanced by this diversity. This opportunity to live, study, and work in a foreign culture provides students with insights and principles that have a wide application, not only here at home in the United States, but elsewhere in the world.

The benefits of functioning as part of a multi-disciplinary heath Medical-Dental team in Belizecare team develop professionalism that will carry on throughout life. The University of Louisville's International Service Learning program is the largest program of its kind, and has developed an international reputation for training and excellence.


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