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Third Year Courses

Fall Semester

Oral Diagnosis/Oral Medicine II

This course presents material relative to the selection of medications and diseases that are relevant in clinical dentistry. Behavioral problems encountered in dental medicine are discussed. Patient management is emphasized. [2.0 credits graded]

Operative Dentistry III

Lecture series designed to review basic operative procedures and update the student on changes that have occurred since the pre-clinical course. New materials and treatment options that are being introduced into the field will also be discussed. [0.5 credit graded]

Complete Dentures

The student is presented with additional techniques and alternative procedures such as immediate complete dentures, overlay dentures, implant dentures, impression techniques, psychological implications of prosthodontic treatment and alternative occlusal schemes of complete dentures. This enables the student to broaden his scope of prosthodontic treatment for his patients. [1.0 credit graded]

Pediatric Dentistry II

This course is the second of two lecture courses designed to fulfill the Curriculum Guidelines for Predoctoral Pediatric Dentistry developed by the Section of Pediatric Dentistry of the American Association of Dental Schools. Objectives are given for each lecture as an aid in preparing for examinations. This course directly contributes to the attainment of skills listed under ULSD Major Competencies 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17. [1.0 credit graded]

Periodontics VI

This is a lecture course that addresses a variety of subjects related to periodontics in which a consensus of the periodontics faculty feel will be helpful to prepare the students for both the National Boards, Part II and patient care. In addition, two lectures are devoted to the objectives and strategies used in delivering effective dental health education presentations which was originally a part of the Dental Health Education course. The lectures are distributed amongst five periodontics faculty. [1.0 credit graded]

Endodontics I

This preclinical course includes lectures on the biological and clinical aspects of endodontics plus laboratory exercises. The biologic aspect lectures include discussions of pulp and periapical diseases, diagnostic and treatment procedures, selection of patients, and medications in endodontics. Clinical lectures are devoted to procedures used in preparing and filling root canals, discussions of the materials used, restoration of endodontically treated teeth, and clinic orientation. During laboratory exercises, students access, instrument, and obturate root canals on extracted human teeth. Students may treat patients in the endodontic clinic after successful completion of the preclinical course and the sophomore endodontic preclinical competency exams. [3.0 credits graded]

Spring Semester

Intro to Practice Management

This course presents basic practice management concepts. The content specifically is tailored to prepare the student for his/her extramural rotation in which practice management is a component. [1.0 credit graded]

Clinical Treatment Planning I

Synthesis of treatment plans applicable to direct patient care with emphasis on collation of all pertinent facts. Patient management and case presentation techniques are incorporated into the course design. [1.0 credit graded]

Clinical Operative Dentistry I

Experience in the operative dentistry clinic during the junior and senior year, enables the student to obtain clinical experience in providing operative dentistry treatment for clinical patients. Basic procedures mastered in the preclinical laboratory are practiced in a clinical environment. Students progress, clinical variations are introduced and more advanced operative procedures are mastered. [4.5 credits graded]

Jr. Clinical Complete Dentures

This course is a combination of the clinical application of the principles learned in previous courses in complete denture prosthodontics. During these courses, the student will construct maxillary and mandibular complete dentures. This course emphasizes the clinical practice of complete denture prosthodontics, especially as it pertains to patient management and the relationship of the dentist to the dental laboratory. [2.0 credits graded]

Advanced Concepts in Dentistry I

The course emphasizes the clinical aspects of advanced concepts in dentistry. Includes the use of new technologies such as lasers, implantology and advanced concepts for fixed and removable prosthodontics. Behavioral aspects of complex patient treatment are considered. Impression materials, agents and staining and glazing of porcelain are discussed. Indications and techniques for porcelain veneers are discussed. [1.0 credit graded]

Clinical Patient Management I

The course will consist of the aspects of a student's skills, behavior and knowledge that are separate from clinical technical skills. Those elements include clinical utilization, patient management, professionalism, case presentation, personal interaction, self assessment and case presentation activities. [1.0 credit graded]

Implant Dentistry

This course introduces the dental student to current concepts in the surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry. The student will become familiar with various aspects of placing, exposing, restoring and maintaining endosseous implants. [1.0 credit graded]

Principles of Orthodontics II

This course covers principles of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning in more detail than Principles of Orthodontics I. This course is structured in such a way that it represents the link between classroom orthodontics and clinical implementation. As such, it is directly preparatory to the course in Clinical Orthodontics. It presents the basic design and usage of fixed appliance systems as well as the use and construction of removable appliances. In addition, students integrate growth and development into diagnosis and treatment planning and learn to evaluate malocclusions in three planes of space. Elementary biomechanics is included with an introduction to fixed appliances and their application in preventative and interceptive procedures. Complex orthodontic problems involving orthognathic surgery, rapid palatal expansion and management of craniofacial deformities are introduced in Principles II. "Problem box" cases are presented at each lecture session and classroom recitation is encouraged. [2.0 credits graded]

Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I

This clinical course is completed on a block assignment basis. Five weeks of rotation are included in the two clinical courses. On completion of this course, a student should feel confident about the behavioral, diagnostic, preventive and restorative management of the child patient. This course directly contributes to the attainment of skills listed under ULSD Major Competencies, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14 and 17 and are listed below. [2.0 credits graded]

Concepts in Special Patient Care

This course provides the students with information about non-traditional groups of patients who require oral health services under extraordinary circumstances. [1.0 credit graded]

Community Dentistry

This course provides the student with an overview of dental public health issues, including demographic changes relating to health care delivery, the epidemiology of oral diseases, the utilization and financing of dental services, and research methodologies appropriate to investigating oral public health concerns. Theoretical and factual knowledge of these issues is broadened by case studies providing the student with the opportunity to apply such knowledge to real-life situations. [1.0 credit graded]

Endodontics II

This didactic course consists of a series of lectures that focus in depth on clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment in endodontics. This course is designed to be a continuation of Endodontics I and will build upon the knowledge obtained in that course. [1.0 credit graded]

Junior Clinical Endodontics

Junior Clinical Endodontics is a third year course in the predoctoral endodontic curriculum. This course will provide clinical experience in both diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pulp and periapical region. It will emphasize clinical application of principles taught in the second year endodontic technique course and in the third year didactic endodontic course. [1.0 credit graded]

Oral Pathology

General principles and concepts of diseases, as learned in General and Systemic Pathology are applied to those diseases which manifest in and about the oral cavity. Signs and symptoms, natural history, differential diagnosis, management, and prognosis of common and significant oral diseases are presented. [5.0 credits graded]

Principles of Oral Surgery II

This course is designed to give the third year dental student a basic understanding of the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery; the process of diagnosis, surgical and adjunctive management of diseases, deformities and malformations of the mouth and jaws and associated structures. The material presented is structured to help the student acquire: an understanding of the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery; fundamentals in diagnosis and treatment of facial injuries; an awareness of the proper techniques in preparing a mouth for prostheses as well as what surgery has to offer the edentulous temporomandibular joints and muscles of mastication; knowledge of surgical disease of the salivary glands; awareness of these various esthetic and dentofacial deformities and what surgical therapy has to offer with soft nd hard tissue correction, an understanding of the basic management of oral tumors and a knowledge of basic cleft lip and palate therapy. The student is expected to gain an awareness of surgical disorders and modern surgical therapy so that as a practitioner he/she recognizes surgical problems in his/her patients, initiates appropriate therapy and/or makes intelligent referrals. [1.0 credit graded]

Clinical Oral Surgery I

This course provides a clinical learning experience, culminating the didactic theory and techniques of exodontia and minor oral surgery for junior dental students. [4.0 credits P-F]

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