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Dean's Message to Alumni

I hope that all of you have had a very healthy and joyous holiday season and that the New Year brings you more of the same.

We are again approaching another accreditation cycle. Although we continually update and revise our strategic plan for the School of Dentistry, we have recently formally refined the School’s plan during the last few months. I would like to share with you our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals for the next five years. If you would like an in-depth review, the link to the complete plan is


The University Of Louisville School Of Dentistry, through excellence in teaching and research, will educate competent dental professionals. The School will provide quality dental care and will serve the community to fulfill our urban and statewide missions.


The vision for the School of Dentistry is to sustain and further develop the unit as a nationally recognized, top tier school of dentistry. This recognition and status will be achieved through programs that are focused in their scope and excellent in their outcomes. Inherent in the vision is a commitment to research and scholarship in its many forms, including: discovery, service, application and integration.

To accomplish this, the ULSD will:

Enroll students that represent a cross-section of society with a commitment to diversity.

Embrace candidates who aspire to excel in their personal and professional life.

Educate students to be clinically competent and mature critical thinkers.

Work to ensure that students become responsible, informed and engaged citizens who will be involved in the cultural, social, and economic aspects of their communities.

Prepare students for leadership roles in the emerging knowledge economy.

Core Values

The ULSD is committed to the University’s core values, specifically:

Excellence, Learning, Community, Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Discovery


Expand and enhance curricula in new and emerging areas

Promote a patient-centered clinical enterprise that employs measures to improve quality in the delivery of oral health care and allows students to gain competency as entry-level oral health care professionals

Support and enhance a diverse, humanistic learning and work environment

Promote a school-wide climate of professional development that values research, teaching and service

Enhance and develop scholarship and research

Provide an environment within the advanced education programs that produces comprehensively trained health care professionals

Diversify and develop revenues to ensure that resources necessary to sustain and enhance the mission of the school are available

I would like you to know that we take great pride in the young professionals we are developing. As I have noted previously, the School continues to strive to ensure that our students will be clinically competent critical thinkers who positively epitomize the highest quality in our profession. I truly believe that the young dentists and dental hygienists who graduate from the ULSD will be the professionals you will be happy to embrace as fellow alumni and practitioners.


John J. Sauk, DDS, MS

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