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Message from the Dean

Headshot of Dean Saulk 

As Dean of the School of Dentistry I am pleased and honored to join and lead an exceptional community of educators, scientists and clinicians at the ULSD.  Moreover, I continue to look forward to working with the faculty, students, alumni, friends of the Dental School and the university community to ensure that Dentistry’s pursuit for excellence and leadership in oral health care continues.


Dentistry’s Goals for 2011-2012

Our goal continues to be nationally recognized as one of the top 10 Dental Schools in the country through pro­grams that are excellent in their outcomes and focused in their scope.  We will select students who wish to excel in the class­room, clinic and in life, and that our students learn to be competent, mature and critical thinkers. In addition, we will work to ensure our students become respon­sible, informed and engaged citi­zens, involved in the cultural and social as well as the economic aspects of their communities. In consort with the university’s 2020 Plan, we will prepare them for leadership roles in the emerging knowledge economy.


 ULSD 2012 is a continuation plan to transform the UofL dental education enterprise to support the university’s 2020 Plan and contribute to the national advancement of academic dentistry.  In a time when accountability and selective investments are being made in higher education, it will be in our best interest to implement a similar strategy of accountability and selective investment. 


 We will measure our progress using the School of Dentistry scorecard. What follows is a five-year update to position the School of Dentistry to be recognized as a significant contributor to the 2020 Plan.


 To achieve our goal we must move forward in the following five critical areas:

1.             Educational Excellence

2.             Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

3.             Community Engagement

4.             Diversity, Opportunity and Social Justice

5.             Creative and Responsible Stewardship


By 2012, the School of Dentistry will:

Be a nationally recognized institution of academic dentistry for being:

  • One of the top 10 dental schools in the U.S.
  • An outstanding clinical education program
  • A leader in simulation education and technology
  • A leader in biomedical research
  • Deliver our clinical education program as a comprehensive care general practice program
  • Provide outstanding quality and cost efficient advanced education programs
  • Enhance our basic science and clinical research funding to at least $9 million annually
  • Enhance scholarship through peer-reviewed publications and invited national/international presentations
  • Increase permanent endowments to at least $7 million
  • Implement the ULSD unit diversity plan that supports race and gender diversity, equity and open communication
  • Develop a new interdisciplinary center that can lead to national and international recognition as a Center for clinical and translational studies, health and wellness.
  • In so doing increase our translational research in response to community needs and fuel economic development. To better serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Midwestern United States.
  • Increase total philanthropy to $20M by 2020
  • Be viewed as a leader at the university in pursuit of the 2020 plan

John J. Sauk, DDS, MS


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