Top Hat

Top Hat is a complete end-to-end teaching tool, compatible with students own devices. Currently used at over 750 institutions nationwide, Top Hat helps enhance student engagement and promote active learning in your classes. Learn more about Top Hat.

What is Top Hat?

Top Hat is a student engagement software used to enhance the course experience by motivating students to learn, participate and ultimately master the content you teach.

Spark discussions, integrate videos and graphics, even customize full interactive textbooks to suit the needs of your course, all within an easy-to-use interface.

Top Hat Campus Workshop Or Webinar

If you want to learn more about Top Hat come join campus workshops. A Top Hat representative will be on campus to provide answers to all of your questions. TopHat also offers webinars for training. Use this link to register.

If you are interested in learning more about Top Hat, please contact our local Top Hat representative at: or visit You can also schedule a meeting here: Top Hat Representative Meeting Link

Top Hat’s platform allows you to:

  • Upload your slides, add annotations and interactive questions
  • Take attendance effortlessly and accurately using geo-location technology
  • Launch discussions and get real-time feedback and reports
  • Export student grades and merge data in Blackboard
  • Leverage students own devices for low and high stakes secure testing
  • And much more!
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