Availability and Distribution

What you need to know at the University of Louisville

Section 4 of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities gives students rights of access to course information with reasonable detail on the nature of the course, the course requirements and assignments, and the standards and methods used in evaluating students’ academic progress.

Most instructors choose to make this information available in the form of a course syllabus on or before the first or second meeting of the course.

Instructors should establish clear policies and consistent practices regarding the availability and distributions of course information and syllabi in face to face, blended or online course formats. They may distribute or publish course syllabi in hard copy or through instructional tools such as Blackboard, email or other secure electronic means. Hard copy distribution of syllabi may be an instructor’s preferred choice in other course formats.

If instructors choose to make changes in assignments, requirements and methods of grading during the semester, the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities requires that students must be provided that information in writing, including the reasons for modifications. Instructors should state in the syllabus how students will be notified in the event of course modifications.

It is the instructor's responsibility to be familiar and comply with additional syllabus policies within their school/unit.

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