Info Session Checklist

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If this is not your first info session, you may skip down to Preparing for an Info Session

Very First Info Session


  • Discuss with the Delphi Center the prospect of starting info sessions
    • Provide dates and times for the entire fiscal or academic year, if applicable
    • Review the Info Session form with the Delphi Staff
  • Create the info session presentation
  • Alert Delphi who will be handling the following roles:
    • Chair/Leader for the Collaborate room
    • Facilitator and a presenter for the live session
    • Any guest (faculty, alumni, admissions officer, employer, etc.) who might be involved with the info sessions


  • Complete Collaborate training with the Blackboard team and your Tier One technical support
  • Complete a dry run of the presentation with the Blackboard team
  • Schedule the first info session at a time in which the Blackboard team is available to help troubleshoot, if necessary

Continue with the steps below if this is your first info session.

Preparing for an Info Session


  • Inform your info session presenter and facilitator of the session date/time
  • Inform your Tier One technical support of the session date/time


  • Fill out the Info Session form at least five weeks ahead of your info session date:
  • Create/Update your presentation. Need ideas for your presentation PowerPoint? Download the provided PowerPoint template [PPTX] and adjust it to fit your program's needs
  • Prepare talking points for your guest, if applicable


  • Reserve a physical location for your session presentation
    • Either to host the attendees for an in-person info session
    • Or to set up the facilitator and presenter for an online info session
  • Provide refreshments or door prizes (for in-person session), if desired
  • Secure presentation equipment:
    • Computers
    • Headsets
    • Webcams
    • Backdrops
    • ________________________________________
    • ________________________________________

Promotion / Marketing

  • Promote the info session on your website
    • Use link to registration form provided by Delphi
  • Create departmental eBlasts/email campaigns (optional)
    • Provide target audience to Delphi / Online Learning marketing
    • Distribute to your networks and partners

Hosting an Online Info Session

Presentation Essentials

  • Welcome slide
  • Agenda
  • Poll/Interactive question
    • Ask attendees where they are from, if they have ever taken an online course, etc.
  • Log into the info session at least 30 minutes before the session starts
  • Do NOT start recording upon login
  • Load the presentation
    • Do NOT log out or close the session once the presentation has been loaded!!
      • if all chairs leave the session once the presentation has loaded, the presentation will disappear
  • As students log in, welcome them to the session
    • Great by name either via microphone or the chat feature
    • Suggested welcome: “Welcome, [name], to the [program name] info session. We’ll get started here in about 30 minutes or so.” Repeat as necessary up to every ten minutes
  • Remind guest they should test their audio equipment to make sure they can hear
  • Inform guests they should use the Chat feature to type their question as they will not be given the chance to speak using the microphone function
  • Ask guest to not share video since it slows the connection
  • Explain that anyone having tech support issues should send a note via chat or contact the tech support via phone (tech support number will vary depending on who is providing this)
    • Be sure to obtain the tech support number ahead of time

Presenting the Info Session

Start the Session

  • Start recording the session!
  • Start the session on time
  • Welcome everyone
  • Ask if they can hear you okay and ask them to let you know by typing in the chat box
    • If they cannot hear or are having issues, if a Tier One is present, tell them tech support will contact them through the chat box to see what the issue might be
    • If a Tier One is not present, have them contact Blackboard Collaborate support
  • Explain how to use the chat feature to ask questions
  • Explain how you will respond to questions:
    • Will you answer individually through the chat box feature?
    • Will you pause for questions during the session and answer them one-by-one?
    • Will you hold all questions until the end of the info session?
  • Explain how tech support will work and provide the phone number, if available
  • Invite user to participate in a poll, e.g. “How many of you live in Louisville?”

Throughout the Session

  • Answer the questions either via chat box or orally throughout the session
  • Speak slowly – it adds to your credibility and authority
  • Speak clearly – it will lessen confusion and reduce repeat questions

Close the Session

  • Thank everyone
  • Remind everyone of the next application deadline
  • Tell everyone they will receive a link to the recorded session and link to a survey the following business day
  • Stop recording!
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