Breathe New Life into Your Course Research Assignments with Resources from the Ekstrom Library Learning Commons

Podcasts, blogs, digital research stories: all of these and more can be options for student assignments and they can incorporate a rigorous research component utilizing a variety of resources at the Ekstrom Library that you might not have known existed. Maybe you’ve not assigned a research project for a while because students have struggled in the past. Come learn about the resources and support offered by the Ekstrom Library Learning Commons partners and leave with ideas for revitalizing your assignments. The presenter, Rob Detmering, will share some current research from library science and education on how to best support students in their research, help you as you think through the critical thinking outcomes that you have for your research assignments and provide examples of creative assignments that you might consider adapting.

After attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify resources in Ekstrom Library that support research assignments; and
  • Analyze a current or past research assignment and how it might be updated or changed to improve student learning.
  • 3-12-2015

    Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm
    Delphi Center, Room 244
    Ekstrom Library

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Presenter Bio

Robert Detmering, MSLS, is associate professor and teaching and reference librarian in the Humanities at Ekstrom Library. He teaches customized information literacy sessions in various disciplines, provides research assistance to students and faculty, and serves as collection specialist in composition, literature, and philosophy. He also coordinates the library’s instruction program.

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