Engaged Learning Sparklabs




Center for Engaged Learning
Belknap Village South, First Floor


For more information, please contact Caroline Boswell at caroline.boswell@louisville.edu or 502-852-5104.

The Center for Engaged Learning, the Office of Community Engagement, and the Delphi Center are partnering to offer Engaged Learning Sparklabs, where instructors across disciplines have the chance to learn more about designing courses that connect class-based learning to broader contexts through hands-on experiences.

The new Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) has a goal to provide an enriching engaged learning experience to all undergraduate students. The CEL defines engaged learning as contexts in which students apply their knowledge to expand and deepen their skillset by participating in concrete experiences beyond the classroom which require reflection, perspective taking, critical thinking, and active exploration.

All UofL instructors interested in offering engaged learning experiences to their students are invited to attend. These labs are designed to spark ideas and dialogue among participants about creating and improving engaged learning experiences for all UofL students.

Topics covered:

  • What is engaged learning
  • Enhancing student learning and persistence through engaged learning
  • Integrating key instructional practices that promote engaged learning
  • Exploring different engaged learning experiences
  • Identifying faculty resources and needs
  • Creating an engaged learning action plan

During the Sparklab, you will:

  • Engage with the six key practices that promote engaged learning
  • Identify instructional resources and needs to support engaged learning
  • Create a plan of actionable steps to promote or provide engaged learning experiences to your students


Caroline Boswell, Acting Co-Associate Director of Teaching and Learning

Henry Cunningham, Director, Office of Community Engagement

Paul DeMarco, Professor of Psychology and Brain Science, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, and Interim Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Center for Engaged Learning

Erica Gabbard, Director of Experiential Learning, Center for Engaged Learning

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