Building a Writing Assignment: Four-Part Faculty Workshop


Debra Journet, Professor of English

When: 9-11 a.m.

Wednesdays: November 5, 12, 19, and December 3


Ekstrom Library, 2nd Floor

Are you looking for expert assistance in how you plan and construct your writing prompts as well as how you evaluate and respond to your students’ writing? Join English professor Dr. Debra Journet for this four-part writing workshop as she shares resources, tools, and key readings. Participants will gain support and guidance though discussion of example prompts, student writing, and instructor responses.

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  • Click to Show/HideSession 1:
    Constructing the Prompt and Planning the Activities in the Assignment
    November 5 - Ekstrom Library, Room W210

    Preparing for Session 1:

    Session 1

    • Discuss Nelson.
    • Discuss handout “Things to Consider when Constructing Writing Assignments.”
    • Share writing assignments and discuss what instructor hoped writing assignment would achieve.
  • Click to Show/HideSession 2:
    Evaluating the Prompt and the Activities
    November 12 - Ekstrom Library, Room W210

    Preparing for Session 2:

    Session 2:

    • Discuss Clark.
    • Discuss student writing samples in response to the prompt and activities. What were the productive cues or activities? What were roadblocks for students? How could the prompt be revised to make goals and criteria for assessment clearer? How could supporting activities be enhanced or changed?
  • Click to Show/HideSession 3:
    Responding to Student Writing
    November 19 - Ekstrom Library, Room W204

    Preparing for Session 3:

    Session 3:

    • Discuss Sommers.
    • Discuss handout “Things to Consider When Responding to Student Writing.”
    • Discuss instructor comments. Which comments were productive? Which could be improved? Is there opportunity for revision? If so, how does that affect instructor comments?
  • Click to Show/HideSession 4:
    Planning a Writing Assignment
    December 3 - Ekstrom Library, Room W210

    Preparing for Session 4.

    Session 4.

    • Discuss Haswell.
    • Share writing assignments and solicit suggestions.
    • Complete assessment of workshop.
Debra Journet

Presenter Bio

Debra Journet joined the English Department at UofL in 1988 and served as department chair for many years. She helped move the College and university forward by serving on a number of key policy-shaping committees over the past two decades. At any point during the last few years, Debra was likely directing 8-12 Ph.D. dissertations while serving on an equal number of committees. Professor Journet’s service to her profession displays the same impressive level of engagement, most notably her service on the Executive Committee of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Recognition of her work includes appointments as an NEH Fellow and as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. In addition, she received two National Council for the Teaching of English Awards for Excellence in Technical and Scientific Communication.

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