There’s a Student with a Disability in My Class … Now What Do I Do?

Inclusive Teaching · Teaching with Technology

Finding out you have a student with a disability in your course can cause anxiety for many instructors. Faculty want to do the right thing, but may not know where to start or how to make accommodations that ensure that students are meeting the same standards. You’re not alone! The Disability Resource Center and the Delphi Center work together to provide both faculty and students with the support and resources they need for accessible learning opportunities. In this session, you will learn how students register with the Disability Resource Center, how faculty are notified that a student with a disability is in their course, common accommodations, and the specific services that are available to make providing accommodations as easy as possible. Bring your questions, concerns, and experiences to share!

As a result of attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe the process through which a student with a disability requests and receives accommodations;
  • List some of the accommodations students with disabilities might receive through the Disability Resource Center; and
  • Identify support that is available for faculty and how to access it.

Session Date

  • 3/28/2017

    Tuesday, 12–1 p.m.
    Delphi Lab
    This class has been CANCELED

Presenter Bios

Beth Case, M.A., M.Ed., is program manager for digital, emerging, and assistive technologies at the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning. She has two master’s degrees, one in clinical psychology and one in instructional technology. She is also completing her dissertation for a doctoral degree in instructional technology. Prior to returning to graduate school, Beth worked in postsecondary disability services for 13 years. Her background in both disability services and instructional technology has prepared her for helping faculty make online courses accessible to students with disabilities.

Colleen Gettys, M.Ed. is the Director of the Disability Resource Center at the University of Louisville. Colleen worked in the Disability Resource Center for over 5 years, spending most of her time in the department as the coordinator for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and/or learning disabilities. She completed her B.A. in Psychology at Northern Kentucky University in 2009 and completed her M.Ed. with a concentration in College Student Personnel at the University of Louisville in 2011. Colleen has held multiple roles on the Kentucky Associate for Higher Education and Disability board, including website chair, conference chair, and President of the organization.

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